Find Out How Princeton Tec Gets Their Ideas For Quality Lighting

Hey, Camp Enthusiasts!

Let me tell you about a great company with whom we at Everything Summer Camp have the joy of doing business. Princeton Tec has been delivering the toughest, brightest, and most reliable lighting sources and pioneering the path in illuminating the darkest places on the planet since 1975.

How do they manage to pave the way in the lighting industry? Well, they’re continually driving technology through hard work, smart thinking, and the love of our surroundings on this awe-inspiring planet on which we live.headlamp

The hard working team at Princeton Tec isn’t afraid to travel the planet by ocean, by air, by bike, or by foot in order to achieve the best possible understanding of the environment that they’re attempting to brighten. Whether that means scaling mountains or walking on the ocean floor—Princeton Tec has been there, done that.

They spend whole days or even longer in their testing labs or out in the best testing lab—the great outdoors. After all, that’s where you’ll spend most of your time at summer camp!

Made to make the most out of your time outside, Princeton Tec offers an assortment of their own products. From their conventional handheld flashlight, to their hands-free headlamps these lights are impressive. They make SCUBA dive lights, bike lights, tactical lights, accessory lights, locators, and industrial lights.

Based in New Jersey, Princeton Tec is a very caring company that supports their outdoor community. To show their support, they build lighting products for those in need of any enhanced lighting situation. Whether you’re camping, backpacking, exploring, or playing, you can count on Princeton Tec’s lighting products to provide you with the light you’ll need in any situation.

Everything Summer Camp is overjoyed to be working with a company of Princeton Tec’s quality. Till next time, Camp Fans.




Our Unique Create-Your-Own Footlocker

Hey, Camp Fans!

At Everything Summer Camp, we have a variety of different colored trunks as well as a multitude of other ways to personalize your camp trunk such as our nameplates, camp decals, and Lid Skinz; but with the Create-Your-Own Footlocker—you can actually pick out which different colors you want on each separate panel of your camp trunk!

CYOWhy not show everyone at camp your own sense of fashion with your very own, personalized camp trunk? Each trunk has ten different panels that can sport any of the nineteen colors we offer. The possibilities are just about endless! Simply visit our Web site and use our Create-Your-Own Footlocker tool to design your trunk today!

The Create-Your-Own Footlocker is the same size as our popular Happy Camper Footlocker and, as it is with every one of our C&N Footlockers from Everything Summer Camp, The Create-Your-Own is manufactured with absolute rugged and durable C&N construction. We cover the interior of our footlockers with our DuraWrap Liner which is water-resistant, odor-free, and virtually tear-proof. There’s really no other way to say it—the Create-Your-Own Footlocker is the best trunk for your summer camp stay.

What makes it the best for summer camp? This camp trunk is a perfect combination of your fun, creative, expression along with our durable construction that offers ample storage space where you can comfortably keep your valuables safe and secure.

At Everything Summer Camp we try to add sprinkles to ice cream or give you the icing on the cake—what I’m trying to say is we like to make a good thing even better. Summer camp is awesome. But you can make it even better when design your own camp trunk and bring a Create-Your-Own Footlocker with other, great personalized gear from Everything Summer Camp!

Until next time then, Camp Fans!



Maybe You Will Be Attending The Same Summer Camp William Shatner Once Attended

Hey, Campers!

Are you ready to boldly go where no camper has gone before? If there happen to be any trekkies reading this post, you’re in luck! Today I’m talking about the captain of the USS Enterprise, James T. Kirk himself—William Shatner, ladies and gentlemen!

It may be hard to envision it, but Mr. Shatner himself wasn’t always out there exploring the final frontier—when he was your age, he was exploring the twenty acres of private forest where Camp Massad is located, just north of Winnipeg, in Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, william shatnerCanada.

There at Camp Massad, William enjoyed the ginormous outdoor pool, the paved tennis courts, basketball courts, the outdoor stage, jungle gym, acres upon acres of private forest, and the beauty of the nearby Lake Winnipeg.

More than just an actor, William Shatner is also a musician, a singer, an author, a film director, a spokesman, and a comedian. Of course, it was his acting on Star Trek from 1966 to 1969 that turned him into a cultural icon for his role as James T. Kirk. He became famous the world over!

Originally, Shatner was cast as the James T. Kirk of the second pilot for Star Trek which wasn’t called Star Trek. It was called “Where No Man Has Gone Before,”—not nearly as catchy as Star Trek! After that, William was contracted to play Kirk for Star Trek.

He also did voice work for the animated series of Star Trek from 1973 to 1974 and he was in seven of the feature films of Star Trek that came out between 1979 and 1994. In the early nineties he hosted the Rescue 911 reality-based television series.

He later starred in the television series the The Practice as well as the spin-off of The Practice, Boston Legal as Denny Crane. He won two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for his portrayal. Maybe you’ll win an Emmy or two after your through with summer camp!

Till next time, Campers. Live long and prosper.




Dr. Thurber’s Tips for Visiting Day

Visiting Day Tips & Preparation

About the only thing you can expect on visiting day is that it won’t go quite how you planned it. That’s OK, as long as you remain flexible and open to the experience. Most of you have read my research on homesickness prevention. Think of visiting day as the flip side of that coin. Whereas homesickness is a byproduct of an actual or anticipated separation from home, your child’s erratic visiting day behavior is a byproduct of the intense reunion. Responding sanely takes forethought.

Let’sDr. Chris Thurber start with the most obvious bright point: Visiting camp can bring your child great pleasure. But be sure to come only when the camp allows. For example, some camps have a “parents’ weekend,” where parents get to visit their children and see them perform some of the new skills they’ve learned. Other camps have a “visiting day” between sessions, so if your child is staying at camp for two consecutive sessions, you can visit for a day in between.

Whatever the case, abide by the camp’s published schedule. Visiting camp unannounced or on a day that has not been scheduled for visitation is a bad plan. More so than phone calls, in-person visits are an immediate form of contact that can provoke homesickness in your child and envy among her friends. Unscheduled visits are disruptive to campers’ developing sense of independence. If you have any doubts about the appropriateness of your visit, be sure to call the camp and speak with the director

Next, prepare yourself for some capricious displays of emotion. Thinking in categories makes it all seem less chaotic. Among the wide range of conduct you’re likely to see on visiting day or closing day are:

The Fountain of Youth: Fountain of Youth kids will be very excited about their camp experience and will immediately want to describe everything about camp in two minutes. Parents will be drenched with a steady stream of stories and explanations that they may not completely understand. Not to worry. Fountain of Youth kids know that their parents are the most important people in their lives, so they want to share with them all the great things that happened. Whirlwind tours of important places and people are a common part of this sharing. Parents should just smile and go along for the ride (with a camera, of course!).

The Poker Face. Poker Face kids probably had a great time at camp, but are oddly quiet on closing day. They don’t want to tell their parents much right away, but parents should not assume this is because they disliked camp. It’s just that Poker Face kids have an especially hard time leaving. They may be a little depressed about leaving new friends and wonderful places. However, the stories and experiences, good or bad, will come out in time. Parents who want the scoop right away can spend a few extra minutes talking to the child’s cabin leader.

The Tearful Camper. Tearful Campers are visibly moved by the close of camp. Tears are a real testament to the power of the overnight camp experience. Indeed, a priceless moment for a cabin leader or a parent is witnessing a camper who cried when he arrived (because the separation was so hard) suddenly cry from sadness that he is leaving. Tearful Campers may want to leave quickly to avoid the awkwardness of the moment, or they may wish to linger. Parents should ask their child’s preference or play the day by ear.

The Sensationalist. Sensationalists immediately tell their parents the single most dramatic thing that happened to them during their camp stay. “When we were camping out, the tent stakes broke and it started to rain, and my sleeping bag got muddy, and then we heard thunder, and I thought we were gonna die!” Don’t assume the worst. All campers have a mix of powerful positive and negative experiences at camp. Sensationalists may tell horror stories, but most of them had a great time at camp. Parents should listen carefully to get a balanced account of the session.

A few other things to remember about visiting day:

• Be on time. Stick to what you promised on opening day. Your son or daughter will be counting on it.

• Take a tour. Your child would love to show you around camp. Keep any critical comments to yourself—this is your child’s time to shine, not defend himself.

• Keep an open mind. You’ll wonder about certain aspects of camp. Ask gently for an explanation before passing judgment. Praise all of your child’s accomplishments.

• Share any sad news early and in person. Telling your child about the death of a pet or sharing any other bad news is best done in person, not in a letter or a phone call (when you’re not there to provide comfort). Break any bad news to your child early on visiting day to give you both time to talk about it.

• Send a replacement if you’ll be absent. Your child wants to see you more than anyone else in the world. However, if you can’t make it up for visiting day, tell your child far in advance. If possible, plan for a friend’s parents to include your child in their own visiting day festivities.

• Prepare for strong feelings. Visiting day can be a wonderfully emotional time, but it’s often hard for kids to say goodbye. Resist the temptation to offer your child a ride home. Instead, be understanding and encouraging. You’ll see her again soon.


Enjoy the summer!

Dr. Christopher Thurber

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Our New Sandals from Teva

Hey, Camp Fans!

For today’s blog post I want to tell you about the new products from Teva that we are now proud to be carrying here at Everything Summer Camp. Check out Teva’s sweet summer and sports sandals: the Omnium in kid’s sizes, the Omnium for women, and the very stylish, kid’s sandals they call Barracudas.

Before we go into these products, let me give you a quick breakdown of the technology Teva uses in their certain pieces of footwear. Their Durabrasion Rubber outsole delivers absolute balance, performance and durability. Their Shoc Pad technology keeps a bumpy trail feeling smooth under your feet. Lastly, their Spider Original technology allows you to scale a wet rock with the efficiency of our arachnid friends!teva kids shoe

Okay, now let’s take a look at the kid’s Omnium. These innovative sandals offer nearly as much foot coverage as a regular tennis shoe would. This offers full protection for your kids’ feet; however, the sandals sneak in a lot of holes which make it sort of the Swiss cheese of summer sandals. Besides maximum comfort, this sandal offers an extremely grippy Durabrasion Rubber outsole as well as a very comfy EVA midsole.

Onto the Women’s Omnium Sport Sandal, these versatile sport sandals are great for any summer camp adventure! Especially great for water activities like canoeing or hiking in a rainstorm, this shoe is given Spider Rubber and its materials are all quick to dry in order for your feet to remain comfortable. Like the Kid’s Omnium, this sport sandal for women provides you with absolute comfort and protection. Enjoy.

Back to theteva barracuda kid’s sandals, find the Barracudas at Everything Summer Camp. These sandals are cool, waterproof, and just about unbreakable! A very simple design, Barracudas are quite lightweight and very easy on your feet. Finished with Durabrasion Rubber outsole for grip, these sandals are probably most convenient for camp.

So grab some Teva sandals for your summer camp experience! Until next time, Camp Fans!




The History of Hi-Tec Footwear

Hey there, Camp Fans!

A few days ago, I talked about Teva—footwear manufacturers whose shoes you can find right here at Everything Summer Camp. Today I want to talk about another footwear supplier whose shoes we offer on our one-stop, online shop for all your summer camp needs.

Today I’m talking about Hi-Tec. This is one company who you can always trust to make an excellent pair of hard-wearing, long-lasting, all-purpose shoes! Whether you want to go for hi tec hiking boota casual stroll, a rugged hike, or a crazy game of Capture the Flag—Hi-Tec can see you through to the end!

The company got its start nearly forty years ago in 1974, England. From their early beginnings, Hi-Tec had already made their claim to fame with the lightweight hiking shoe. It married all of the rugged construction and durability of a hiking boot with the lightweight, casual feel that you get from tennis shoes.

While they enjoy making additional installments to the items they offer, Hi-Tec likes to stay true to its roots and continue perfecting their existing footwear and outdoor apparel. By 1990, Hi-Tec debuted as the very first lightweight hiker in the United States.

At that point they’d only had about fifteen years of experience, but they would soon become a leading company in footwear and outdoor apparel. Now, with nearly four decades of innovation in technology under their belt, Hi-Tec really has their craft down.

In 1995, they sponsored the first Eco-Challenge in history and the next year they launched their Adventure Races Series to mass market. One element of Hi-Tec’s success is their consistency in new products. Most recently, in 2008, they introduced the world’s first ion-mask boot.

So get a sturdy pair of Hi-Tec sneakers for your summer camp experience this season and have a blast at camp!




Do You Have Your Color War Items?

Hey, Camp Fans!

Are you ready? Yes, being ready for camp is important, but more so I mean ready for war!—the Color Wars, that is. Everything Summer Camp is here to make sure that you arrive at camp ready to show everyone just whose side you’re on—so make sure that you’re dressed in the right colors when you arrive on the battlefield.

All NFL players know that they need to don their team’s uniform when they step out onto the field. If you plan on doing battle in the Color War, you’re going to need your team tee, specific to your team’s color in order for everyone to know just where your loyalties lie.

Keep it in mind while you’re out there this summer, kids—you’re nothing without you’re team. And your team is nothing without its color. When you get your own Color War Tee, you’re getting more than just a 100% cotton tee shirt in a specific color, you’re getting the bleed team shirtcamp spirit and lifeblood of your team! When you get a Color War Tee, you’re getting the armor that you’ll be fighting in.

All of our Color War Tee Shirts and Team Tees are printed right here in Everything Summer Camp’s own print shop, as well as all of our Name Labels, LidSkinz, and camp clothing.

When summer arrives and you arrive at summer camp, be sure that you know which side you’re on. There are a multitude of options with only one team to choose. What color’s your blood?

Till next time, Camp Fans!




Introducing Ryan our Shipping Manager

Hey, Camp Fans!

For today’s blog post I want to tell you about the manager of our shipping department, and longtime employee of ten years—Ryan. As you might imagine, our shipping department is a very busy place—this time of year especially. But thanks to Ryan and his orchestration with the crew in shipping, you’re sure to get your quality camp gear from Everything Summer Camp on time!

The mark of a good manager, Ryan knows that he’s got to work as hard as or even harder than what he expects out of his crew in shipping. When an order is placed at Everything Summer Camp, it goes through our system and, after any personalized items on the order are made, the order goes to shipping.

There, Ryan prints out each and every order that needs to go out the door for the day. He and his crew will then do what they call “picking an order”. Orders containing camp gear that doesn’t require our own production, gets “picked” from our stocked products. The order is then looked over to make sure that the order is complete and ready to be shipped out to you.

Ryan and his crew then pack the order, box them up, print the shipping labels, and see them off into the back of a UPS truck. Ryan’s been doing this for the last ten years, so he’s sort of a master of his art at this point.

What he loves most about his job is hearing back from “customers who are thrilled with our product.” He’s also very proud of the work environment that he’s created with his crew and the camaraderie that they’ve established. A giant sports fan, and a local resident of Boyd (the home of Everything Summer Camp), Ryan lives nearby with his lovely family of three. His wife, himself, and their beautiful little girl, Kaylee.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan was too camera shy to take a picture, so we substituted Ryan Gosling instead.


That’s all for today, Camp Fans!




Everything Summer Camp’s Return Policy

Hey, Camp Preppers!

Today I want to tell you about our simple and great return policy here at Everything Summer Camp. We want to make sure that you’re confident in purchasing everything from our sturdy camp trunks to a simple flashlight. And we want to make sure that you’re happy with your purchase. That’s why we have a simple and easy, no-hassle return policy. If you need to return something just give us a call at 1-800-535-2057.

esc logo

Here’s our policy:

If you’re returning something within 60 days of making the purchase, then you’ll get full credit for the cost of those products. This credit can be a credit issued to your credit card or in-store credit. Also, so long as you are within 60 days of the purchase date, you hold the right to return any product for any reason at all.

If you want to return a product or multiple products between 61 to 120 days of having made the purchase, then you’ll still get full credit for the cost of those products that you’re returning. However, at this point we will only provide you with an in-store credit that you can redeem on any future purchases.

Also, after the 61 to 120 day window, all products that you want to return must be returned in new, sellable condition. If you need to return a product that is not in new condition please call us and we will try to resolve the problem. These instances are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Finally, after 120 days we do not allow returns anymore. This does not mean that you are out of luck. We sell quite a few items that have lifetime or 1-3 year warranties and we will work with you to help you take full advantage of those warranties. At all times, Everything Summer Camp is willing to put your satisfaction in front of everything else.




Dr. Thurber’s Advice on Care Packages

Care Package Care

Some species of balloon flies attract potential mates by presenting them with a little silk ball. Forget that a healthy camp experience has nothing to do with mating…and hopefully little to do with flies and other insects. My point is that receiving a package is fun on all branches of the phylogenetic tree. Never mind that the male balloon fly’s little silk ball is empty. It’s enough to…er…grab the attention of female balloon flies. And that’s just my point, when it comes to camp care packages. Care packages grab children’s attention; what’s inside matters less. The package itself says, “I’ve been thinking about you and I love you.” Of course, they’re not part of a courtship ritual, but they are part of a summertime ritual in which millions of families participate.

I said “matters less” not “doesn’t matter.” Remember that camps have rules against Dr. Chris Thurbercontraband. Most camps don’t allow food care packages because they attract ants and critters, some of which are large, like sweets, and rhyme with share. Cookies, cakes, and candies also spoil children’s appetites for healthy camp food, so save it all for the first day home. Most camps also don’t allow dangerous items or electronics. (Yes, parents have tried to ship fillet knives for tackle boxes, fireworks for the Fourth of July, and even cell phones for late-night check-ins.) Camps are ethical environments where following community rules is highly valued. Parents would be wise to set a good example by following care package guidelines.

So, what’s fun to include in a safe, legal, and healthy care package? Keep in mind that camp is about connection. Your son or daughter will be making lifelong friends, so send gear that facilitates connection. Solitary electronic games are about the worst thing to send, but non-electronic games that help young people play together include:

• Frisbees® and other flying disks

• Around-the-Table® games (terrific conversation starters)

• Checkers, chess, Go, Mastermind, and other portable board gamesmad libs

• Balls of all varieties (even though camp has plenty)

• Mad-Libs® and other group word games

• Wildlife identification books (great for nature walks)

• Paper airplane and origami how-to books

• Uno® and other card games (as long as there is no betting involved)

It’s also great to send age-appropriate sports and hobby magazines, literary and science publications, and newspaper clippings. Interesting printed media get shared and traded at camp, but steer clear of magazines and comics with sketchy, sexualized, or violent content.

You also might include an item or two that your child doesn’t have to share, such as:

• a novel

• a T-shirtautorgraph T-Shirt

• a puzzle

• a baseball cap

• photos of the family

• a small stuffed animal

• colored pencils and paper for drawing

• a blank scrapbook or journal to start at camp

Just remember: Providing the camp experience for your son or daughter already shows how much you care. You care about their growth and development. You care about their happiness. And you care about their out-of-classroom learning. Seen in this light, care packages are completely unnecessary. In fact, most overnight campers don’t receive care packages. Feel free not to send one. Instead, tell your children how much you love them in a newsy, upbeat, handwritten letter. A couple letters a week is plenty enough to sustain a meaningful connection with home. And if you can’t resist the temptation to send something more, keep it modest. You might even try sending a hollow silk ball. On second thought…

Enjoy the summer!

Dr. Christopher Thurber

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