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Hey, Camp Fans!

It’s the last day of May; and you know what that means! It’s most-likely time for many of you to actively prepare for your camper’s summer camp stay. While completing a packing list, making sure that your camper is completely packed, and eventually getting them to camp with all of their camp gear may sound like an overwhelming impossibility—I swear—Everything Summer Camp can help make everything much simpler than it sounds.exxel outdoors cub youth sleeping bags

It’s true! Everything Summer Camp can really take away all the stress that goes into getting everything ready for your child’s summer camp stay.

Issues start to arise when you have multiple places from which you need to buy your gear. It can easily become much harder to keep track of all your things when you purchased nine items online from five separate Web sites and the rest you decide to hunt and gather at your local retail stores! Yes, you will save some money this way, but the products you’re going to purchase will not be of the same quality as what we can offer.

We’re Everything Summer Camp! We’re your one stop shop for all your summer camp needs! Our Web site can save you tons of time and we don’t make our customers pay crazy creek chairthrough the nose for it, either. In fact, we hope that you involve your camper in the experience of preparing for summer camp—have fun on our Web site and really get into the summer camp spirit.

Our number one concern is our customers and getting your children to camp fully prepared and on time. Don’t let stressful camp prepping lead to a stressful camp experience for your camper—leave the work to us and simply enjoy your summer!

That’s all for today, Camp Fans! And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Ginnifer Goodwin attended summer camp too

Hey, Summer Campers!

Did you know that there are millions upon millions upon millions of kids—just like you—who go to summer camp every year? Considering that, it’s really not that surprising to see that so many of our favorite celebrities themselves have attended summer camps when they were your age.

Read up on your favorite celebrities. Maybe they even went to the same summer camp that you’re attending! How cool would it be to know that you’re going to the same camp as Lisa Loeb, or maybe even the great and powerful Oz himself—James Franco.

Well, if any of you are planning on spending your summer at URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp ginnifer goodwin/snow whitein Utica, Mississippi, then you’ll be attending the same summer camp as Snow White—or American actress, Ginnifer Goodwin who plays Snow White on TV.

Run by the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), Henry S. Jacobs Camp has been giving kids from all around the Deep South a great summer camp experience since 1970. This camp’s goal is to help its campers develop some new skills, realize some things about themselves as well as the community around them. It looks like it did some good for Ms. Goodwin.

Probably known best for her roles in Mona Lisa Smile, and He’s Just Not That into You, Ginnifer currently plays the lead role of Mary Margaret Blanchard (a.k.a. Snow White) in the television series, Once Upon a Time on ABC. She also played Aunt Bea in the great water balloon scene from Ramona and Beezus which is based on the Ramona novels by Beverly Cleary.

Ginnifer didn’t really start her career until after college. She graduated from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts with a Bachelor’s in Acting. Dedication, patience, and a bit of summer camp took Ginnifer a long way. How will your summer camp experience help shape you?




New Life of Camp T-Shirt Collection

Hey there, Camp Fans!

Before you go and pick out every single top you plan on wearing to camp—hold on! We’ve got good news! We’ve been hard at work here at Everything Summer Camp to come up with our very own, original line of cotton camp tees. We call it our Life of Camp T-shirt Collection.

Each one of these ten Life of Camp T-shirts sports cool, campy artwork or message with a fun font designed by Everything Summer Camp’s graphic designer. She wowed us with her designs so we hope you’re just as pleased with the new line.

First of all, we have our Ten for Two T-shirts. These tees follow the philosophy that we livTen for Twoe ten months out of the year for the two that we get to spend at summer camp. One shirt shouts “Ten For Two” and the other cleverly expresses the phrase in roman numerals.

Girls, we also have a couple of adorable camp tees for you in our collection. For those of you who come from royalty, we have our very pink “It isn’t easy being a Camp Princess” T-shirt. For all the other girls shirts, we have our “Camp Like a Girl” tee.

You’ll love to camp in any one of our great graphic tees. Our Happy Camper, Take a Hike, and Camp Elements T-shirts really set the mood for an adventuresome summer camping experience. The Happy Camper sets the scene of being right at home in the great outdoors while the Take a Hike T-shirt paints the picture of distant wilderness to travel. The semi-iconic Elements tee is truly transcendent.

While the eat sleep camp repeatlast three kids shirts rely heavily on the artwork, these next three have stronger messages in their words: “Keep Calm and Camp On,” “I Tree Camp,” and “Eat. Sleep. Camp. Repeat.” Each shirt still has a graphic feature and remains visually appealing to the eye.

In other words, you can’t go wrong with our Life of Camp T-Shirt Collection! Check it out here at Everything Summer Camp. Till next time, Camp Fans!




Dr. Thurber explains how to pack for camp.

Packing Ends and Odds

What to pack isn’t half as interesting as how to pack. As you read this, millions of parents are doing it the wrong way. They’re packing for their children, instead of with theirDr. Chris Thurber children. In a prior Everything Summer Camp e-mail, I discussed how important it is to involve your child in all of the big and small decisions regarding camp. Parents and children should shop together, choose a footlocker or trunk together, and, of course, pack together. “C’mon,” you protest, “my kid wouldn’t know how to pack a trunk if his life depended on it.” Not unless you let him help.

I laugh thinking about my days as a cabin leader, chastising a camper for wearing only a T-shirt on a cold rainy day, only to have him reply, “But I don’t have a raincoat!” Odd, I think to myself. So we’d open up his footlocker together and lift up the top tray. Lo and behold! Stacks of neatly folded clothes, including—you guessed it—a raincoat. Cue the dreamy harp music. “Oh, I had no idea. My mom packed this all for me.” I think you get the picture. Indeed, there are benefits to packing together that extend far beyond the joys of spending casual time with your son or daughter.

And now a few insider tips on what to pack that most camps won’t tell you.

• Label everything. Admit it. Even though you’ve read this recommendation from me before, you’ve already set aside a few things for camp that don’t have your son or daughter’s name on them. Baseball glove? Toothbrush? Sunglasses? Underwear? Shampoo? Between iron-on labels, laundry markers, and a commercial tape labeler, you can slap a name on anything.

• Label the footlocker or trunk. No, I don’t have a raging case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Believe it or not, you do need to label the container in which you and your child are packing all of this beautifully labeled gear. Good quality footlockers, for example, get used as ladders, card tables, and even wind up outside from time to time. So yes, it has to have a name on it or in it.

• Pack the packing list. Next thing you know I’m going to be asking you to label the laundry marker you send with your child, right? (Come to think of it, that’s not such a bad idea.) Anyway, placing the list of everything you’ve packed inside the trunk itself serves as an excellent checklist at the end of the season. It’s the guideline for repacking, so be sure it’s complete.

• AvoidTru Kid Sunscreen Stick sprays. Most bug sprays, deodorant sprays, and even perfume atomizers create flammable vapors. Better to pack stick or lotion forms of bug spray and toiletries. (And leave the perfume at home.) Not convinced? Imagine a bunch of eight-year-olds with a half dozen cans of spray repellent dousing themselves around a roaring campfire. Got that image? Now delete.

• Enlist support. Social support is important and helps promote adjustment. But the kind of support I’m talking about here is more…intimate. Let’s just say that some activities for young men and women and more comfortable with bras and jock straps on. That’s right. Excessive bouncing during horseback riding, mountain biking, and plain old running can be uncomfortable. Almost as uncomfortable as asking your parents to buy these undergarments. So, if your child is hitting puberty, assume they need this support and shop for it (with them, of course) matter-of-factly. Hey, they can always elect not to wear it. Kind of like the raincoat they discover at the bottom of their trunk.


Enjoy the summer!

Dr. Christopher Thurber

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Memorial Day History

Hey there, Camp Boys and Girls!

Ever wonder how Memorial Day came about? I’m sure many of you know that it’s the federal holiday of the United States in which we remember and honor the many soldiers who have died serving their country. But this blog post is meant to inform you on the history of the day.

The story of Memorial Day begins after the American Civil War. After the war ended and our country was once again united, it was originally given the name Decoration Day, meant to remember both Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War.

Memorial Day occurs every year on the last Monday in May. Nowadays, it’s typically thought of as a marker for beginning of the summer season (as opposed to Labor Day which marks its end). The meaning behind the day has been stretched to honor not just flagthe soldiers who died in the Civil War, but all soldiers who have fallen during their time in the service of the United States Military.

The holiday is often notable for visiting cemeteries and memorials. There are volunteers across the whole country that offer to go around in national cemeteries to place small, United States flags on each grave.

We remember those who have died in the service of the American Military because they died in order for us to appreciate the freedom upon which our country is founded. Because of them, we live in a world that offers an educational, school program, beautiful days that we can spend grilling out with friends and family, and—of course—going to summer camp!

So Summer Campers, I hope after reading this post that you have a better appreciation for today’s holiday with a better understanding of it. Until next time, Boys and Girls!




Everything Summer Camp: The place to get your camp supplies fast!

Hey, Summer Camp Preppers!

The end of May is near and camp is right around the corner which means that if you’re not ready for summer camp, it should be at the top of your “to do” list to finish preparing. Keep in mind that Everything Summer Camp is here as your one stop shop since we truly have everything you will possibly need for summer camp.

Do you feel like you’ve pushed it too far and that now it’s too close to the first day of camp? That’s what we’re here for. We can ship your order fast! Everyone here at Everything fast shipping iconSummer Camp is well aware that summer camp doesn’t start June-ish—it’s a very specific date and we have just one shot at getting your child to camp fully prepared.

We understand how waiting until the last minute happens for people. We know how busy life is. On top of everything in your life, your kids’ school is wrapping up and they’re home with you all day again. We know how easy it is to push off purchasing your kids’ camping gear. But when you order through Everything Summer Camp, I can assure you, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Our competitors don’t seem to see anything wrong in making you place your order an entire month in advance. Or, if it’s not that, they just empty your wallet and still ask for an arm and a leg in order to ship your gear to you on time. But that doesn’t seem right to us. At Everything Summer Camp we stock all products or make them in-house so your entire order will ship in days not weeks.

It’s as simple as that.

So go ahead and wait! You’ve got time. Just make sure that you order through Everything Summer Camp to get your camp gear for a decent price and quickly.

THIS JUST IN:  What’s better than Fast Shipping?  Fast & Free Shipping.  For Memorial Day Weekend Everything Summer Camp is offering FREE UPS Ground shipping when you order any Camp Trunk or Pop Up Soft Trunk.  Sale ends Tuesday 5/28 at 1pm EST.

Free UPS Ground Shipping on Camp Trunks this Memorial Day Weekend.




High Sierra Duffels

Hey, Camp Lovers!

Everything Summer Camp has excellent duffels from High Sierra Sport Company for you to take along to summer camp. Whether you go with either one of our Pack N’ Go duffel bags, the Water Bottle Sport Duffel, or the Evolution, you’ll be making summer camp much more convenient for yourself.

You can get a 30” Pack N’ Go Duffel or its 24” counterpart. Either way, this duffel is actually two bags in one. Its handle straps convert into backpack straps so you can carry it around or throw it over your shoulders like a backpack. Either way, the Pack N’ Go Duffel is ready to go. Use it as a duffel bag for transporting your belongings to camp and back or use it as a backpack to carry the load hands-free.

Otherwise, you High Sierra Water Bottle Duffelcould go with the High Sierra Water Bottle Sport Duffel. There’s no shortage of storage space in this bag! It’s got a zippered wet pocket where you can keep your shoes after they’ve met a puddle or if any other gear should get wet. And it comes with a water bottle so you’re sure to stay hydrated on the go! You’ll be ready for any camp excursions with the High Sierra Water Bottle Sport Duffel.

Last, but not least is the High Sierra Evolution 28-drop-bottom-wheeled-duffel. It’s the easiest way to get your camp gear from Point A to Point B. The High Sierra wheeled duffel, Evolution, looks as nice as it travels and it’s got lots of room. This is one rolling duffel bag made with a high-density foam structure that helps preserve the bag’s shape and keep things lightweight.

Its Drop Bottom compartment is large enough to fit your shoes or boots. Other compartments work great for keeping folded clothes folded. And the zippered divider panel between the upper and lower compartments can roll up to make one, big compartment. Made of nylon and polyester, the Evolution 28” Wheeled Duffel is excellent at making travel easy.

Get to camp hassle-free and in fashion with any one of these fine duffel bags from High Sierra. Until next time, Camp Fans!




Meet Nate: Our Print Shop Manager

Hey, Camp Folks!

Say hello to Nate—our man in charge of all the personalized products we offer at Everything Summer Camp. While we make all of our personalized products right here in our own, local facility, it does not happen at our Main Building. Everything Summer Camp has two facilities which are very close to each other. Just a few blocks away and over the railroad tracks is our second building—the print shop..


Manager of the print shop, Nate has many responsibilities to tend to on a daily basis which includes overseeing production, keeping an eye out for quality control in running production, product development, scheduling, and purchasing. Needless to say, Nate’s a busy man—but always good for a laugh or interesting conversation over lunch.

For the last three years, with a knack and strong passion for product development, Nate has enjoyed his employment with Everything Summer Camp, appreciating the variety that his work creates for him.

There are many processes that he has to know—after all, all our Name Labels, Lid Skinz, and the majority of our camp clothing is printed at the shop. The print shop is an impressive place with a carousel for screen printing along with an industrial dryer, two embroidery machines, a Direct to Garment (DTG) printer, two heat presses, and three wide-format printers and a whole lot more.

But Nate knows how worth it all his hard work is, creating quality products that summer campers will cherish for the summer and many years to come. He too spent a summer or two at a Christian Bible Camp where he really sharpened his skills at Ping-Pong as well as Table Shuffleboard.

Nate likes to keep work fun as he enjoys creating his own lyrics for existing songs such as “Hey, Don’t Eat Those Burritos,” (originally “ La Bamba” by Ritchie Valens). And on the days when even song parodies don’t do get him through the day, he at least goes home to his wonderful wife, Katie and his two sons, Alex and Eli.

That’s all for today, everybody. Until next time.





Vendor Spotlight: High Sierra Sport Company

Hey there, Camp Aficionados!

Today I want to tell you about another great company whose products can be found right here at Everything Summer Camp—it’s High Sierra Sport Company. Read on to discover some rich company history that dates back to the late forties, though the brand High Sierra Sport Company was not incorporated until 1978.

It doesn’t matter what kind of gear you’re getting from High Sierra—whether it’s luggage for summer camp, a convenient duffel for a hiking adventure, or even a backpack for High Sierra Backpacksomething as simple as school, you can bet that it’s a high quality product you can count on because High Sierra backpacks are built to last.

High Sierra is one of the world’s most trusted brands, being the Official Supplier of bags to the U.S. Ski Team, U.S. Snowboarding, and U.S. Free Skiing. The fact that High Sierra’s bags see so much action just goes to show how resilient the bags are.

It all started in the late forties when a man named Harry Bernbaum bought surplus Army supplies and sold them to wholesalers and retailers. But the company evolved quickly and by 1978 Harry Bernbaum was exporting Levis to Japan in order to raise capital for a new company, H. Bernbaum Import & Export Company which would soon be renamed High Sierra Sport Company to better portray their outdoor product lines.

By the mid-eighties, High Sierra had established themselves as the go-to company for quality backpacks, duffel bags, canvas bags, luggage, outdoor tents, other outdoor gear, jackets, and gear for foul weather. And by the late nineties, the company had introduced new product lines to adventure travelers and winter sports.

Most recently, High Sierra has added the new Tech Series collection along with their Pack N Go duffel bags, new Ski and Snowboard bags as well as Day Packs and the Evolution Duffel Bag. Everything Summer Camp is delighted to work together with a company that’s so vested and successful in their line of work as we are.

Till next time, Camp Fans.





Talk to your child about water safety.

Water Safety Alert

How a conversation at home could save your child’s life at camp

Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death among young people. So whether your son or daughter is headed to day camp or overnight camp this summer, you’ll want to teach them basic water safety at home, before opening day.

Yes, high-quality camps should train all of their staff in emergency water rescue. They should categorize swimmers and place them in appropriate instructional groups and water depths. They should insist that children swim in buddy pairs…and follow other essential safety practices. They should. But they don’t. Not always. They’re human, so their attention wanes and their judgment falters.

I’ve been a camp waterfront director for nearly 25 years, so I’ve seen or made just about Dr. Chris Thurberevery aquatic mistake well-trained lifeguards make. And that experience has taught me the importance of redundancy. Safety systems need back-up safety systems. And that’s where you, as a parent, come in.

When moms and dads participate in basic water safety preparation at home, campers behave more safely at camp. At a minimum, these are the steps you should take prior to opening day:

• Teach your child that playing in the water is fun, but should never be enjoyed alone. There must always be a properly-trained adult lifeguard present.

• Teach your child to enjoy the water in buddy pairs, never as singletons. This might be a parent-child buddy pair at the beach, under the watchful eye of a trained lifeguard. Or, it might be a pool party in the backyard, where every young guest has a swimming buddy.

• Teach your child to swim. Even the youngest day campers can learn to swim. Before the camp season starts, bring your child to some lessons at the local municipal pool, YMCA or club. Sure, children will become better swimmers at camp, but learning the basics prior to camp is a plus.

• Teach your child to swim only during daylight hours. Accidents are more likely when campers cannot judge depth, direction or bottom conditions in the darkness.

• Teach your child to tread water and perform the survival float, as well as to respond to a distressed swimmer with a reaching assist or a throwing assist. Even a kindergartener can save a life with a working knowledge of basic rescue techniques.

• Reinforce your expectation that your son or daughter will follow all of the camp’s aquatic rules, such as: No Diving in Shallow Water, No Running on the Dock or Deck, Always Wear a Life Jacket in Boats, etc.

Like wearing a seatbelt in the car or donning a helmet when riding a bicycle, following waterfront safety rules makes an exciting—but potentially dangerous—activity safer. What you start in your own bathtub, backyard pool or nearby shore can then be reinforced by your child’s counselor or cabin leader. Or, if a distracted staff member fails to remind your child to don a life preserver before he or she launches out in a canoe, it won’t matter. A properly-sized preserver will already be buckled on, thanks to you.


Enjoy the summer!

Dr. Christopher Thurber

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