Make a Splash with Swim Accessories

Hey, Swimmers!

The last couple blog posts have been about swim wear from Speedo for girls and boys. Today’s post is useful to all summer camp preppers, whether you’re preparing for a boy camper, a girl camper, or both. Today I’m talking about Speedo’s swimming accessories.

First up, we have swim goggles. At Everything Summer Camp you can find a pair of the Speedo kids Vanquishers or Speedo Vanquishers for Women. We’re also bringing back Speedo’s similarly designed Jr. Hydrospex Goggles.

Jr. Vanquishers have a dual-color silicone double head strap and ergonomic adjustable speedo kids swim gogglesstrap for a cool, comfortable look and feel. They are simply the junior version of Speedo’s best-selling adult performance goggle. Vanquishers are made to give you maximum visibility and minimal glare. They give you a classic, original fit with soft cushioned silicone eye seals. Vanquishers give you excellent peripheral vision and eye-protection that goes above and beyond. They have anti-fog and anti-UV protection. They’re PVC and Latex-free. And they come with four interchangeable nose pieces options to give you the fit you want and the speed you need.

They Hydrospex Goggle is a soft split silicone that cushions your face and delivers on comfort. These goggles give you a standard field of view with an expanded side view that allows you to check out anything around you. The Hydrospex are Speedo’s best-selling junior goggle. These goggles are made with anti-fog lenses that give a UV protection of 95+, a low drag profile, as well as PVC and Latex-free material.

At Everything Summer Camp, you can also find other swimming accessories from Speedo like the Jr. Silicone Swim Cap, a flexible and lightweight Profile Nose Clip as well as the Profile Nose Clip and Ear Plug Set (care box included), and, lastly, Speedo’s comfortable and splash resistant Jr. Adventure Mask and Snorkel Set.

Make a splash with the proper equipment this summer and have a blast.





Boy’s Swim Wear

Hey, Swim Fans!

Yesterday’s post focused on cool, technologically advanced swim wear for girls from Speedo. So today’s post is going to balance everything out for the boys. In today’s blog post, I’ll go into three separate boy swim trunks. Keep reading to hear about Speedo’s Velocity Splice E-Board trunks, their Marina Volley swim trunks, and the Marina swim trunks in Men’s.

All of these boy swim suits are constructed with technological fabric that’s been made to offer more body coverage to give you better protection from the sun. The fabric has a tighter knit, giving you and even higher level of protection. These trunks are made to give you an improved fit so that stretching of the fabric does not lessen their UPF ratings.

First on the list are the Velocity Splice E-Board trunks. These trunks are sharp. They’re made with Speedo’s exclusive UV Block the Burn® feature. Velocity swim trunks are lightweight and compact which makes this piece of swim wear quick to dry and easy to Speedo Velocity eBoard Boy swim trunkstravel with—say to the beach and back. They have nineteen inches of Outseam length and side seam pockets made out of 100% Polyester Brushed Microfiber. When you’re in a pair of Velocity Splice E-Board swim trunks, you’re in style.

Moving onto the Marina Volley trunks, this pair of swim wear is lightweight as well. These swim trunks have an elastic waistband with a drawstring to pull that will give you a secure fit that’s specific to you. Speedo gives these trunks a side pocket with a Velcro closure that uses a practical water drainage hole. They’re given a fourteen and a half-inch Outseam that spans across the 100% Polyester Brushed Microfiber which is also given UV Block the Burn®. Sport these cool trunks in Navy and Blue, Black and Grey, Navy and Green, or Black and Blue.

Lastly, is the Marina swim trunks for Men. Not so different from the Marina Volley, these trunks have a cargo pocket that features a Velcro closure, a water drainage hole, and Speedo’s logo. They have a twenty inch Outseam and a side seam pocket. Made of 100% Polyester Brushed Microfiber, these trunks are your basic volley water short with an elastic waistband and contrast piping. Available in bright Yellow and Black or Navy and Teal—either way, you’ll be in style.

Till next time, Campers!





Dive In With New Girl’s Suits From Speedo

Hey, Summer Campers!

For today’s post, I want to talk about a number of attractive pieces we’re now carrying at Everything Summer Camp from Speedo’s girls swim suits. Read on to take a closer look at Speedo’s Racer Logo Splice single-piece swimsuit, the Love Burst three-piece Rashguard Set, and the impressive Girl’s Speedry Short—all of which is built with Xtra Life LYCRA® fiber.

These swim wear pieces are made using modern advancements in technology. They’re made to be more durable, sun resistant, and more fitting to your form. Put on these pieces for ultimate comfort, protection, and flexibility.

First, the Speedo Racer Logo Splice. This single-piece swimsuit is made to be five, maybe ten times more durable than an ordinary spandex swimsuit. The fabric delivers a strong resistance to suntan lotion, natural skin oils, and chlorine. It’s given Racerback styling to give it flexibility and maximum arm movement while swimming. This bright swimsuit is perfect for camp.

Onto the Speedo Love Burst three-piece Rashguard Set, including a two-piece swimsuit three piece girls swim wearand then a matching rashguard, giving you more body coverage for greater sun protection. The fabric of this swim wear helps to resist sagging and is given anti-wedgie silicone gripper to keep this swimsuit in place. It’s colorful with a cool explosion print, it’s lightweight so it dries quickly, and it has exclusice UV Block the Burn® with UPF 50+ protective fabric.

And lastly, the Speedo Girl’s Speedry Short—it uses VaporPLUS® technology to repel H2O in no time flat! Just like the other pieces of girls swim wear, these shorts are made to last five to ten times longer than ordinary spandex fabrics. These shorts have a thick elastic waistband with a bright color explosion. They’re lightweight so they dry fast. Sport these shorts and look cool at the beach or at the pool!





This Comedian’s First Performance was at Summer Camp

Hey, Camp Kids!

You know who used to be a summer camper just like yourselves? Funny man Seth Rogen! This very successful comedian, actor, writer, producer, director, and voice artist got his start performing stand-up comedy at Camp Miriam, a beautiful 20-acre waterfront site in Canada on the Gabriola Island—close to Vancouver.

Passionate about making others laugh, Seth didn’t stop after summer camp. At the young age of 16, he took second place in the Vancouver Amateur Comedy Contest of 1998. “As soon as I realized you could be funny as a job, that was the job I wanted,” Seth has said about himself.  Seth Rogan attended summer camp

Also in 1998, he a landed a small role alongside James Franco in the short-lived cult classic Freaks and Geeks. Though Seth still lived with his family in Canada when he got the part, they relocated together to live in Los Angeles. Seth paid the bills for his family after his father lost his job and his mother quit hers. He was already receiving the largest wages in the family.

Though Freaks and Geeks lasted only one season, it gave Seth the opportunity to meet James Franco as well as the writer of the show, Judd Apatow. With some guidance from Judd (who became a very close-knit friend of Seth’s) as well as his own hard work and determination, Seth has ventured into the realm of super stardom thanks to his film career.

Seth always thought he’d be more successful as a screenwriter than a Hollywood actor, but the actor most-likely underestimated his own charisma. In any case, he seems to have found his niche in writing, directing, producing, and acting in his own movies.

Aside from his live-action comedies, he has done voice work for a number of cartoon films such as Horton Hears a Who!, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters vs. Aliens, and Paul.

Despite his success, Seth is one actor who stays humble and remembers his beginnings. “Obviously, I can’t stress how important Judd’s been to my career,” he’s said about his friend. Seth may have started out on a small scale telling jokes at summer camp, but look at where it took him!

Where will summer camp take you?





Write Right: Planning Camp Correspondence

Dr. Chris ThurberYoung people at overnight camp make many adjustments, but none as new as shifting how they keep in touch with their parents. Are you sitting down? The 2010 Kaiser Family Foundation report on media use among 8-18-year-olds revealed that camper-age boys and girls send an average of 118 texts per day. That’s about 90 minutes of thumb punching on top of more than 30 minutes of (quaintly retro) talking. If that surprises you, check your cell phone bill. If you don’t like what you see, consider setting some limits. Only 14% of boys and girls say their parents limit texting. But I digress.

Add the two hours of cell time to the (ready for this?) average of 7½ hours of media exposure per day—much of it multitasking—and you’ll start to appreciate the magnitude of the relational paradigm shift you and your child are in for. What will it be like to not text or talk on the phone for two weeks? An even more powerful question: What will your son or daughter do with those 80+ hours of non-media time?

Don’t panic. Families have been keeping in touch during camp for nearly 150 ySeal N Send Stationeryears. You have some elegant historical traditions to take the place of texting. OK, you don’t need papyrus, octopus ink and a feather, but you should prepare an inexpensive stationery kit. Start with a zipped freezer bag and pack it with pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelopes and postcards, paper, and a few #2 pencils. The plastic bag will protect everything from the humidity, but if you want to splurge, buy self-sealing envelopes rather than the lick-and-stick kind. The easier you make it for your son or daughter to correspond with you, the more likely it is they will.

As a bonus, consider this: Writing whole paragraphs rather than truncated sentences will encourage the creation of narrative. And narrative has a special power to advance self-understanding. When your son or daughter writes stories to you about their camp experience, they’re promoting their own cognitive growth and emotional adjustment. Sure, you’ll keep some of the best letters to read aloud during a wedding toast, but the real beauty of old-fashioned letter writing is for the sender. And rest assured: Waiting for your newsy, upbeat reply forces a healthy delay of gratification, something which is increasingly difficult for a generation that grew up with high-speed wireless.

So about those 118 average texts per day. I’m willing to bet that you’re on the receiving end of about half of those. In other words, you’ve got an adjustment to make yourself. Temporarily severing the digital umbilical is healthy but challenging for parents as well as for children. My advice? Arrange some practice time away from home for your son or daughter. A long weekend at a friend’s house is a good start. And during those two or three days, take a complete break from cell phones. Commit to writing one substantive letter and have your son or daughter do the same. The challenge is worth the risk: You’ll both get more out of the upcoming camp experience.

Enjoy the summer!

Dr. Christopher Thurber

Look into grabbing 'The Summer Camp Handbook' for yourself right here!


Say Goodbye to Messy Bug Sprays & Lotions

Hey there, Camp Enthusiasts!

I’d be willing to bet that if there’s one thing we all can’t stand about the summer season, everyone would answer unanimously. It’s the bugs! They cause so much irritation and, otherwise unnecessary, inconvenience.

Whether you simply try to avoid the outdoors in general, or remember to stop periodically to reapply your smelly spray, lotion, or whatever else you may have—we wouldn’t have to go to such great lengths if it wasn’t for the bugs.

Well, what if I told you there was a different solution? Another way to protect yourself against the bugging and biting of parasitic insects in the summertime. A way that didn’t involve constant reapplication or tedious coverage of your exposed skin.

I’m not just teasing you, here! This other solution actually exists! It’s called the Bug Patch from Foxworthy Outdoors and it’s amazing. No smell, no residue, no restrictions, no bugs! Bug Patch for natural insect repellentFrom ticks to mosquitoes to chiggers to gnats to black and yellow flies, the Bug Patch guarantees your protection from all of them for 24 hours using just one patch!

The Patch works on a completely natural level. There’s no DEET or any other chemically-based activity happening underneath this natural insect repellent.

Like other B vitamins, thiamin specifically, is excreted in perspiration. It also carries the scent that seems to be so appealing to those darn bugs! Cleverly, the Patch sends a uniform shipment of the vitamin B1 thiamin through your bloodstream. Then it is secreted through your pores as you sweat, masking the odor of carbon dioxide that the bugs seem to like so much.

They won’t even notice that you’re there.

There aren’t any locational restrictions when it comes to wearing the Patch. It won’t come off in a pool or in the shower! The Bug Patches have been awarded the National Parenting “Seal of Approval.” It’s 100% natural and recommended by doctors.

Enjoy the summer without any sprays, lotions, or bugs!





Put the Smack Down on Bugs

Hey, Camp Fans!

Summer camp means fun, sun, and enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately it also means making sure that you’re protected from ticks, mosquitos, chiggers, gnats, fleas, and other bothersome bugs that scratch and bite. You’re going to have to fight back to the best of your abilities.

In our last blog post we discussed some of our new natural insect repellents and while they offer great bug protection some camps want kids to bring an insect repellent with a little more “kick”.

Everything Summer Camp has you covered with Repel® 100% DEET, Repel® Insect Repellent Gear Smart Formula™ Aerosol, Cutter All Family, and Cutter BackwoRepel 100% DEET Insect Repellentods.

The Repel® 100% DEET is made up completely of DEET, the bugs don’t have a chance against this stuff! And you won’t have to keep on reapplying it throughout the day. You may have to spray twice in the same day depending on how much time you plan on spending outside. But the Repel® 100% DEET spray pump bug repellent will remain effective and keep you protected for as long as 10 hours!

Repel® made Insect Repellent Gear Smart Formula™ Aerosol sports equipment and buggy conditions in mind. It’s really strong for really buggy areas. And you’ll do no damage Cutter All Family Bug Sprayto your equipment! This stuff is ready to go to war for—10 hours if need be.

Cutter has their All Family bug spray. It isn’t oily or greasy and it’s sure to battle off the bugs. It contains only 7% DEET and it’s unscented.

Lastly, Cutter® Backwoods, is ready to protect you from fleas, flies, gnats, ticks, mosquitos, and chiggers for 10 hours too. This spray contains DEET as well. It’s sweat resistant which makes it extremely reliable for prolonged trips outdoors.

Stay outside as long as you like this summer! When the bugs are at their worst, Repel’s® at its best! Have fun at camp this summer and leave the bugs out of the equation.



Camp Spotlight: Eagle’s Nest Camp

Campers exploring at Eagle's Nest CampEagle’s Nest Camp is nestled into the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, surrounded by lush rhododendron and towering pines. Our 180-acre river valley campus serves as home to a diverse community of campers from across the country and the world. Since 1927, Eagle’s Nest campers have been inspired by mountain views, cooled by midday creek hikes, and ushered to sleep by a symphony of cicadas.

At Eagle’s Nest, boys and girls are encouraged to live and grow simply, rooted by intentional experiences and connection to community. We place emphasis on developing the Whole Child in a compassionate, encouraging environment filled with activities that promote self-expression, personal growth, skill building and fun. Eagle’s Nest provides campers the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with the core values of nature, friendship, and joyful living. At Eagle’s Nest, children form meaningful friendships and learn what it means to truly belong.

We believe that engaging campers in a nurturing, inclusive environment provides opportunities for significant personal growth and allows them to be their best selves. By bringing together a diverse group of people, we are able to empower campers to open their eyes, hearts and minds. In addition to the broad camp community, each camper is a part of three smaller intentional communities: their table family, tribe, and cabin group.

One of the things that makes Eagle’s Nest unique is that our program evolves as campersGirls having fun at Eagle's Nest Camp grow. Campers can begin attending camp as soon as they have finished Kindergarten and can continue to mature through our program until the summer after they’ve graduated from high school. At our residential camp, we offer a progression of programs that allow campers to grow at each developmental stage. Through Camp, Added Adventures, Hante Adventures, and The Outdoor Academy, young people can essentially “grow up” at Eagle’s Nest.


Keep the Bugs at Bay

Hey there, Parents and Campers!

It’s usually everyone’s least favorite part about summer, but it’s inevitable. As you go down your packing list for everything you’ll be bringing to the coming camp season, at some point you’ll have to find a reliable insect repellent for kids. No worries! At Everything Summer Camp, we always have you covered.

Today I’m talking about the Repel’s® Natural Insect Repellent Pump Spray and their natural Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent. Both of these formulas contain a natural active ingredient which has been proven to effectively stand up to mosquitos—Natural for at least two hours and Lemon Eucalyptus for up to six.

Insect repellent for kidsSimply spray on more when you need it. Camp is too much fun to spend the whole time scratching away. Unlike any alternative insect repellent that contains DEET, Repel® Natural and Repel® Lemon Eucalyptus will not cause any kind of skin irritations or rashes that can occur when using other insect repellents that contain DEET.

While the Lemon Eucalyptus repellent is derived from Eucalyptus (Citriodora) tree leaves, Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect RepellentRepel® Natural uses organic oils extracted from geraniums and soybeans that naturally deter mosquitos and other pests. Repel® Natural and Lemon Eucalyptus are healthy sprays for your skin. And they smell nice too. No bug bites and no irritation to your skin!

The 6 oz. bottles have spray pumps for extremely easy application to give you the relief you’re looking for even in areas that are especially buggy and mosquito-heavy. Whether you’re running around the campgrounds, out on a buggy trail in the woods, or sitting around the campfire—Repel® is sure to keep you protected and bite-free.

Make sure that your kids are happy and protected during their summer camp stay and go with what’s only natural. Make sure you go with Repel’s® Natural Insect Repellent Pump Spray. Your kids will thank you, but the bugs sure won’t.





Employee Bio: Matt

Hey, Boys and Girls!

You’re in for a real treat! Today’s post is now the fourth installment of this blog’s employee spotlights. Allow me to virtually introduce you to the Sales Director of Everything Summer Camp, Mr. Matthew Stephen DeMuth.  Our sales person Matt

With his crazy sense of humor, solid determination, and wild eccentricities, Matt has played a vital role in helping kids get their camp trunks and camping gear on time, the growth of Everything Summer Camp, and the overall shaping of our company for almost eight years.

It’s really sort of a fluke that Matt started working here in the first place. He had posted a résumé online. When we caught sight of it, it got printed out and, somehow, mixed in with a stack of résumés from actual applicants.

Though, he previously had no idea that such a company existed—much less was he trying to apply for any position here, we asked if he wanted to come in for an interview anyway and he accepted.

Brought on as the manager of our Call Center, Matt spoke on the phone to any summer camp with whom we did business. But he showed a great knack for building a rapport from camps that we didn’t already work with.

As a result, he was officially made our Camp Liaison, put in charge of managing each and every camp account that he pursued and acquired. Matt has since embraced his role of building relationships with camps. He spends a good number of workdays visiting summer camps all around the country.

Turning working relationships that he has with camps into friendships is his favorite part of the job. Matt doesn’t just work hard, though. He’s often times the straw that stirs the drink around the office and really contributes to the family we have at Everything Summer Camp.

Whether it’s his goofy office pranks or our cherished Question of the Day tournaments (in which he asks the employees here random trivia questions like what are the three types of clouds), he continually helps to unite us.

Aside from work, Matt’s a family man. He cherishes his wife and twins every day. He enjoys the outdoors as often as he can. He likes hunting and fishing and he’s crazy about sports. Nowadays he’s grown accustomed to the ways of the office though he sometimes misses his days as a traveling country music singer.

Still, Matt will always remain passionate about singing, playing the harmonica, and life in general.

Until next time, Campers!