The Great Egg Hunt

Hey, Egg Hunters!

Like you, we here at Everything Summer Camp can’t help ourselves this time of year. Whenever springtime rolls around bringing green grass, we always get antsy to go looking for some hidden eggs around the workplace.

We held a pretty intense Hunt here yesterday in anticipation of the coming holiday. With so much action happening all at once, hardly anyone can give me an accurate account of the day’s actual events. Good thing I was there, in the middle of all the action.

Most people put a couple jelly beans or some other fun treats inside the eggs they hide, but yesterday, we were given a little more incentive to find our eggs. We had a good handful of candy prizes, but we also had ticket prizes to movies and other events, certificates for hours of Paid Time Off, and cold, hard cash (ranging from two dollars to 50 bucks)!

If no one found the $50 egg, the prize was to be given to a random winner among all participants.

The eggs were placed in the hallways of the offices, the Call Center, the bathrooms, our large Production Workshop where our footlockers are made, and—of course—the break room. All the eggs were readily available and visually hidden—in other words, you didn’t need to “go through” anything to find an egg.

Also, each participant was limited to finding just two eggs so you really had to choose wisely. In some cases, it might have been smarter to pass on collecting a found egg if it doesn’t look like a really good one.

If I had just one word to describe yesterday’s Egg Hunt, I think my best choice would be ‘melee’! Everyone had been gathered into the break room where the rules and boundaries of the hunt were given. And after that it was simply—“GO!”

With that, the majority of the 20 participants made a mad dash exiting through the front and back doors in desperate search of the “Golden Egg” that held the grand prize of $50. But a few wise ones hung back in the break room. Their strategy was more composed. I was one of them.

I spotted a small purple egg sitting on a purple flyswatter on top of the refrigerator but it didn’t look all that special.

Bill, a seasonal hand in our shipping department, made the comment that probably no one would find the Golden Egg and the prize would end up going to some random winner. This seemed like smart reasoning to me so I took the purple egg and left the break room.

I then walked out into the production area. It was all abuzz of speedily moving, efficiently searching, rampantly rummaging egg hunters. While I was out there I saw Ryan, Manager of our Shipping Department, as he spotted his only find cleverly hidden underneath a spray sink.

The Production area began to clear out when I discovered my second egg—a bigger, more special-looking egg. Could this be the $50 prize? I thought. It was green (which wasn’t a good sign), but I thought I’d better take what I could get. With both my eggs, I thought I’d scope the pandemonium that had moved to the offices. I’d never seen the place look THAT busy before.

Our president, Ed, was quietly tucked away in his office.

“Did you already find both your eggs?” I asked. He had grabbed a small egg on a production palette and another bigger one that he said he found behind our receptionist, Missy’s desk.

“I just want to stay safe in here until it’s over out there,” he said with a smile.

As I continued my way down our office’s corridor, I saw Pam, our seasonal help in the Graphic Arts Department, spot her egg between a storage rack and a wall. That egg awarded her an hour of Paid Time Off!

It was right after that when I heard the announcement from Shirley, our Production Supervisor, that the Golden Egg had been discovered. I rushed passed everyone in the Call Center, back to the break room where Myron, one of our guy’s in Production, sat with the Golden Egg and a big grin.

“Where was it?” I asked him. He said it was placed in between hanging coats on a rack against the wall.

“I never even left the room,” he said.

Well, Myron may have taken home the grand prize, but everyone won SOMETHING and I’m pretty sure fun was had by all. I, for instance, had a great time and took home five dollars as well as a tasty bag of candy that I’m enjoying right now.

Happy Hunting, Everybody!

Who Doesn’t Remember Dave Coulier?

Hey, Campers!

I’m excited to talk about today’s Celebrity at Summer Camp as I, like most of America back in the day, watched him on Full House regularly. Put your hands together for Joey Gladstone himself, Mr. Dave Coulier! Always good for a laugh, the show often utilized Dave’s wild skills with impressions and impersonations—especially his signature Popeye—“Well, blow me down! Huk-uk-uk-uk-uk-uk!”

Dave Coulier discovered his gifts in impersonations early. He loved making his school Dave Coulierlaugh by doing impressions of the principal and other teachers and staff over the PA system. He, no doubt, got a lot of laughs out of his fellow campers at Camp Highlands back when he was a summer camper himself.

As his character on Full House also revealed another truth about himself, Joey was a huge hockey fan on the show while Dave played for his high school’s varsity team at Notre Dame High School in Michigan. There, Dave played alongside a kid named John Blum who would go on to play for the NHL.

Dave Coulier isn’t just responsible for bringing Joey Gladstone to life, but also for the voice behind so many beloved cartoon characters. He’s done voice work for the whole whole Ghostbusters series, Baby Animal and Baby Bunsen and some other characters on Muppet Babies. He’s worked for episodes of The Jetsons, Rude Dog and the Dweebs, Detention, and Teen Titans.

All of this work came prior to his role as Joey Gladstone in 1987. He continued to find other work during his eight years on Full House and after, such as hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos for a time and making a cameo in the Even Stevens Movie.

Dave also does stand-up comedy which is very much based around his skills as an impressionist. He’s also quite an entertaining harmonica player. Always stressing youth-oriented comedy and delivering family-friendly material, Dave has a reputation as one of the Clean Guys of Comedy.

So let’s hear it for Dave Coulier, but come on, now—seriously…Cut. It. Out. Alright.




Smart Living Fans

Hey, Camp Fans!

When you shop the Everything Summer Camp Web site online Look for products tagged with the Smart Living icon. What is Smart Living? It’s the label we give a product that actually offers health benefits to the consumer. Simply click the Smart Living icon on the product you’re looking at and you’ll pull up an information box that describes, in detail, the health benefits of that product!

A couple weeks ago I told you about the health benefits of water bottles. Today I’m telling you about fans.

Staying cool in the blazing heat of summer is just as important to your health as staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen! Heat exhaustion, like dehydration and directly exposing your skin to the sun, is something that you want to prevent this summer.

Heat exhaustion can be a consequence of sweltering temperatures, physical activities, or both. You’ll know you’re hitting the point of heat exhaustion when you get a headache and you’re sweating profusely, feeling weak, confused, dizzy, nauseous, and unquenchably thirsty.

In the case of heat exhaustion, rest with some fans blowing on you.  Your body regulates temperature using a few different methods. Fans help to regulate body temperature through a process known as convection. Convection is when air or water moves across your skin. Convection also aids in another temperature regulation process known as evaporation. As your body sweats during the process of evaporation it creates a humid layer on your skin. A fan will speed up evaporation by removing the sweat and replacing it with a dryer, and cooler, layer.

You should also drink lots and lots of water and other fluids but no drinks with caffeine like soda or energy drinks as these beverages are known to make matters worse. When you have the energy to, take a cool shower.

Everything Summer Camp carries a small collection of cool fans that you can use to funky flexi fanprevent heat exhaustion from getting to you.

Our Funky Flexi-Fan is fun to bend, turn, snake, and loop to give yourself just the right angle you need for optimum comfort. With a convenient clip, you can attach the Funky Flexi-Fan to just about any of your surroundings: the car, your camp bunk, the beach!

Our Deluxe Fan/Light from Texsport is no ordinary fan. It doubles as a lantern so that you can give yourself some light in the same direction as the breeze!

And lastly, you can give our handheld, Water Misting Fan a squeeze for a refreshing blast of cool, cool H2O! Adding a splash to an enjoyable summer breeze will really keep you comfortable on those summer camp scorchers. Simply squeeze the fan to mist yourself or give your camp buddies a playful squirt.

The summer may get hot, but you don’t have to be. Check out our fun fans from Everything Summer Camp to help stay cool this summer.




A Sneak Peak At Our New Cinch Bags

Hey, Camp Preppers!

While you’re doing all this work in summer camp preparation, it should please you to know that the majority of the camp gear you’re getting isn’t restricted to use outside of summer camp. Enough of your child’s camp gear can be used year round for a large variety of activities.

Water bottles are great to have by your side pretty much everywhere you go. A standard backpack can be used for school after the camp season. And, of course, our C&N Footlockers at Everything Summer Camp make not just a great camp trunk, but a classy piece of bedroom furniture as well.

While these are great examples, the list certainly doesn’t end there and we’re adding to it all the time. Our latest addition is arriving soon—our cool, new cinch bags. Very popular with kids for gym as well as for after school sports and other extracurricular activities, use for your cinch bag extends well beyond summer camp.

Extremely easy to cinch shut, these bags are all you need to carry just the necessities. Given long, thin cinching straps, you can wear our cinch bags like you would a backpack. Or you can simply carry it by its straps like a duffel bag.

Ideal for your carrying convenience, they’ll be available in an array of bright, fun colors and you can get your choice of an icon on the bag. Very stylish, this nylon material is as shiny as it is sturdy.

That’s all for today, Campers! Till next time.




Grab A Book To Celebrate Library Week

Hey, Readers!

If you’re reading this Blog post, it’s probably because you enjoy reading—that or it’s just written so well you simply can’t resist…but chances are you just like to read. Well, you’re not alone! People everywhere find great escape, great information, and great inspiration in the written word. It’s probably why libraries have technically been around since about 1200 B.C.books

So what better time to celebrate your love for reading than all week long this week? After all, it IS National Library Week! Did you know that? Did you know that National Library Week even existed?—it’s okay if you didn’t, I didn’t and I LOVE to read!

But, believe it or not, it isn’t everybody that loves to read; research that was done in the 50’s showed that people were becoming interested in radio and television over reading. The American Library Association (ALA) grew concerned that with all their new media in entertainment, the American people were losing interest in reading.

That’s why, in 1958, the ALA sponsored not just a day but an entire week of national observance for National Library Week. The library is a really great place to go. You can find books on pretty much every thinkable topic so no matter what your interests, the library has got something for you.

Interested in summer camp? Look up a book about that and you can learn ways of optimizing your child’s summer camp experience! If you’re at the library then your kid should be too. Libraries excel in their youth section and kids tend to love their libraries. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your public library and brush up on your reading skills this National Library Week!

Reading is incredibly good for our brains and is often times a great way to spend your leisure time. So check out some interesting books this week at your library and have fun reading!




A Little More About Matt-Our Sales Director

Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

It was very nearly one year ago to the date that I virtually introduced you all to Mr. Matthew DeMuth, the Sales Director of Everything Summer Camp. I told you all about his crazy sense of humor, solid determination, and wild eccentricities. But today, we’re going to scratch a little deeper past his surface—prepare yourself to get up-close and personal with Matt.Our sales person Matt

While he grew up in Dodgeville (not too far away from Madison), Matt currently lives in Chippewa Falls with his wife, Chris, and his three kids, Quinn, Reagan, and Reece. So how did he get there? Well, he moved to Eau Claire where he attended college at the University of Eau Claire.

Fast-forward to his senior year in college and that’s when Matt met Chris who got him to stick around the area. He found a job right away and decided Eau Claire was the place for him for the time. After Chris finished school, the two of them got married and decided to move to Chippewa Falls (a good middle ground between his family and hers).

They’ve become the proud parents of their twin children, Quinn and Reagan. This brother and sister duo are an adorable handful who bring so much joy to their tired, loving parents. And as of this last December, Matt and Chris welcomed their third child, Reece, into the world.

Matt and Chris also have Ally and Baylor—two gentle, canine beasts. The both of them (and Baylor especially) are the biggest dogs I’ve ever met. They’re also incredibly mild-mannered!

Together, Matt’s family enjoys hosting campfires in their backyard or game nights in the house. They enjoy sporting events and spending time outside. “We don’t go on too many vacations, but we visit family pretty often and just enjoy quality time together,” says Matt. He always has a bright outlook on his family’s future and looks forward to watching his kids grow up.

That’s all for today, Campers. Till next time.




Camp Southern Ground

Hey, Summer Campers!

You know who else had a great time at summer camp? Everybody’s favorite Country Music star, Mr. Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band. While never a camper himself, he’s played quite a role in the summer camp community. Starting out as a camp counselor at Camp Mikell and Camp Glisson in Georgia, Zac began to see why summer cZac Brownamp was so good for kids.

“To me, there is nothing more worthwhile than helping kids,” says Zac. “I grew up working with kids while on staff at summer camps and remember how they were impacted during their visits.” This insight is what led Zac to founding his own summer camp, Camp Southern Ground.

Zac was born and raised in Cumming, Georgia. When hearing how big of a family he has, you get the sense that he didn’t ever REALLY miss out on the whole summer camp experience when he was little. After all, with 11 siblings, his entire childhood must have felt like a year round “summer” camp!

He’s been into music his entire life. When he was only seven-years-old, he’d already learned to play classical guitar! This led to his solo gigs around town when he was a teenager. He’d cover pop music and country songs. It was also somewhere between his high school and college years that he volunteered as a counselor for summer camps.

After his college years at the University of West Georgia, Zac got the band going. With five studio albums and ten hit singles that saw Number One on the Country Music Billboard charts, Zac Brown Band has toured all around the country and played a slot on the Bonnaroo Music Festival in 2009 and 2010.

Zac Brown saw the importance of summer camp! What will you see in it?




Tips To Handle A Bully

Hey, Campers!

A couple weeks ago in March, I talked about things you can do to handle a bully if one is targeting you. But even so, sometimes the victims of a bully can use a helping hand. Today I have some helpful ideas of what you can do if you see someone who’s being bullying stop signbullied.

If you see someone being bullied, put yourself in their shoes. Wouldn’t you want someone else to come along and put an end to it? It may seem like a difficult position to be in (and it certainly does take courage), but stopping a bully can be as simple as putting your arm around the victim and walking away with him or her; there’s no need to get physically forceful with the bully.

Standing up for a bully’s victim can sometimes be enough in itself to get a bully to back off. Seeing that their target has friends that care about him or her can be an embarrassing moment for a bully and may prevent them from causing another occurrence.

If the bullying does, however, continue you can help your new friend by brainstorming possible solutions for the problem. If the two of you can think of nothing, go to an adult. Some kids may not want to tell an adult because they don’t want to tattle. It’s helpful to support your friend in letting an adult know about the issue.

If you can’t get your friend to go along with it, you can always go to an adult yourself and explain the issue. They’ll know what to do.

You should let your friend know that they can always count on you for help should they meet any other problems with a bully. But move on after that. If the bullying is over, there’s no need to talk about it anymore. Be sure to let them come to you if they need your help again.

It may not be the easiest path, but it definitely feels good to help a fellow camper in need, as everyone should have the opportunity to have a GREAT summer! Till next time, Campers.

Here is a video that we loved and thought you would too.



Be Ready For Those April Showers

Hey, Spring-Timers!

As we make our way around the sun, our part of the planet starts meeting that blinding bright ball a little more head-on each day resulting in longer days and warmer weather. In turn, the leftover snow from winter starts to disappear—well, almost disappear…Okay, so it’s not like it’s magic or anything. We all know what happens to snow after it gets a little warmer outside—it turns into water!

So here’s the point. Spring weather may inspire a good cleaning indoors, but really, there’s nothing CLEAN about this season at all. What a wet, sloppy, muddy mess! Now that we’ve ventured a good two weeks into our 2014 spring season we are witnessing the slow retreat of this past winter unfolding before our eyes, and—BOY—is it wet!

On top of all this melting snow, typical April will bring lots of showers as well. Be prepared with all the rain gear you need at Everything Summer Camp. We have jackets, pants, suits, and boots all back in stock!

Columbia wet reflect jacket Currently, there are eight rain jackets in our Columbia collection, the Chromatech Youth Jacket, the Girl’s Wet Reflect, the Wind Racer II for girls, the Women’s Arcadia Rain Jacket, the Men’s Watertight, the Splash Maker in youth sizes, the Girl’s TechniKolor jacket, and Boy’s Trail Patroller Hybrid. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t be out and about!

If all you need is a good pair of rain pants, we have the Regen Rain Pant for Men from Columbia.

You can also find the Thrunderlight and Jakuta rain jackets from Red Ledge as well as the Red Ledge Rainstopper Rainsuit. Hood included, this youth-sized rainsuit will cover you completely aside from your hands, your feet, and your face; or stay dry with the classic vinyl poncho (available in youth sizes).

When keeping your feet dry, you can’t go wrong with Washington Shoe’s ‘fire chief style’ boots. They’re made from 100% waterproof, natural rubber. Or you can do your splashin’ in cool and sturdy Kamik rainboots. Both are great choices!

So make sure you keep dry this spring so that April showers bring May flowers for you and not a common cold. Happy Spring, everyone!




Supergoop! Is More Than Sunscreen

Hey, Camp Fans!

We here at Everything Summer Camp work with the best of the best and we want everyone to know it. So here’s some praise we have to give to the awesome lady, Holly Thaggard, who founded the truly amazing sunscreen known as Supergoop!!

When a close friend of hers was diagnosed with melanoma, it really got to Holly. She couldn’t believe that someone as youthful and healthful as her friend (only in her late 20’s) would be able to get skin cancer! While unfortunate for her friend, it both frightened and motivated Holly to look into the matter.

She discovered that skin cancer is the number one type of cancer in the United States as well as the fact that the vast majority of aging signs are all consequences of the sun. “After learning that skin cancer is… primarily preventable, I found my calling,” says Holly. “I was determined to create superior sun protection products while promoting a healthier, UV-protected lifestyle through education.”supergoop!

Holly set out with the goal to raise awareness of sun damage to skin and developed Supergoop! along the way. With an incredibly broad spectrum, Supergoop! sunscreens protect against not only UVA but also UVB rays. It delivers a backup of antioxidants as well which neutralize the effects of the harsh sun.

Unlike any other sunscreen (and despite the product name), Supergoop! never gets goopy. Lightweight, the formula always applies with ease. Supergoop! ACTUALLY feels good to wear and is free of all controversial and potentially harmful ingredients.

As the three daughters of Supergoop!’s product representative are all summer campers, they wouldn’t dream of leaving their Supergoop! at home. It was this realization that sparked a relationship between Supergoop! and us here at Everything Summer Camp.

Our hat’s off to Holly and her magnificent, cancer-preventing, anti-aging formula, Supergoop!! Thank you for making the sun our safe friend again!