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Hey Sale Seekers!

Last month I announced 60 new items to our Closeouts Department at Everything Summer Camp. These items may have been discontinued or they may be overstocked product, but in any case, it means major savings for great camping gear and camp supplies, along with awesome accessories that are excellent for back-to-school or around the home!
Get great discounted back to school gear, supplies, and other accessories.From backpacks to raingear to water bottles and Color War apparel, our Closeouts Department is chock full of products that are sure to aid you in your child’s return to the school year. Get awesome back-to-school supplies or get a jump on next year’s camp purchases with these amazing discounts of 25% to 70% off.

These items have landed in our Closeouts Department because we either overestimated the popularity of certain products or we simply bought too much. Neither the quality nor the style of these products plays a role concerning its placement in Closeouts.

I gave a detailed list of our Closeout Products in my original Closeouts post last month, but—keep in mind—it may not be accurate anymore by the time you read this. I’ll just link to it here instead of repeating the list on today’s post. Containing brand names like Columbia, Melissa & Doug, and Speedo, you can’t go wrong!

This isn’t really a sale so much as it is a simple reminder of our cheap, cheap Closeouts Section with new products and awesome discounts. Because it isn’t really a sale, there isn’t any start or end date to the absurd discounts on these products. But don’t dally! Supply is limited on these items and they’re expected to go quick!

You can check out the detailed list of products from last month’s post, but even that didn’t mention them ALL! Better to just go check out the Department for yourself! Enjoy shopping our Closeouts Department and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Don’t forget to write!

Hey, Camp Fans!

Did you hear us ask how your camp stay went? Here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re begging to know. That’s why we’re asking for summer camp submissions from you to tell us about how you liked camp. We want to know about your accomplishments, friends, fears that were overcome, favorite parts of camp, or just a diary/journal-style submission recounting the jam-packed days of your camp experience.

Now that August is coming to a close, there’s no more time to dally! Get your submissions into us now—there are only six days remaining! The deadline for these summer camp submissions is next week Monday!

Don’t forget: Everyone who submits gets a $15 gift certificate to Everything Summer Camp!

We will be selecting seven random winners. Our randomized first-place winner will receive a $100 gift card for our website. Then, we’ll pick two more winners randomly who will receive $50 gift cards to our site. And then, after that, four random winners will get our $25 gift cards. Everyone else who submits will be getting a $15 gift card just for your participation!

To remind you of some suggestions that I posted when I first announced children’s camp story submissions for the 2016 season in case it’s hard for you to single in on just one part of camp among all the fun times—here are some ideas:

You could submit something about what you thought was the most fun. Or you can share some things you learned whether they’re athletic skills, artistic skills, thinking skills, etc. You can give us stories about all the great people and all the camp friends you made. You can describe how it felt to be away from home and away from your parents. Or you can exercise your creative muscle and describe the beauty in the nature that surrounded you saw at camp.

In your submissions, talk about your summer camp and why you think it’s the best. Include your first name and your last name’s initial, what camp you visited, and how long you’ve been going to camp, please.

We loved hearing about your summer last year. We can’t wait to receive a fresh new collection of your summer stories from this year! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

A Very Tooth Fairy Day

Hey, Kiddies!

Today is Tooth Fairy Day. Has there been some awkward wiggling and dangling going on inside your mouth lately? Sounds like you’ve got a visit from the Tooth Fairy coming up. Get ready for a little extra coin in exchange for your tooth once it finally comes loose. That’s how it works: you take your tooth and place it under your pillow; that night, This benevolent pixie is just crazy about collecting teeth. She'll even give you a little change when you lose your tooth.the Tooth Fairy comes and pockets the tooth while leaving you a little something for your troubles.

It hasn’t always been this way, though. The tale of the Tooth Fairy and the traditions associated with children losing their teeth have gone through some changes throughout the years and the cultures that celebrated them. Here are a few different things people would do:

Bury Teeth
Europeans in the 1400s were in the habit of burying children’s baby teeth when they fell out. It’s quite possible that this is what led to placing teeth under the pillow. And when a kid’s sixth tooth came out, it was customary for parents to slip a small gift in place of the tooth where it had been buried as a sort of ‘tooth fee’.

Burn Teeth
While the customs of burying teeth bear a similar resemblance to today’s customs, this one is completely unlike anything we do today. Kids, however, in England during the middle ages were instructed to burn their teeth to avoid hardship and suffering in the afterlife. I, however, on behalf of the Everything Summer Camp Blog do not recommend this.

Wear Teeth
Possibly where the concept for a ‘tooth fee’ came from, the Vikings of Norse culture thought children’s teeth to have good luck tied to them and would pay children for their loose teeth. Some warriors would wear the teeth they purchased for protection in battle.
See if this post makes you show your white smile.
Who knows where all these traditions and notions came from, but in any case, the tradition lives on as losing baby teeth is a rite of passage worth celebration. If baby teeth are so lucky, though, maybe you should hold onto those little gems! What does the Tooth Fairy need them for anyway? As always, thanks for reading.

- John

Captain Hook at Summer Camp

Hey, Camp Fans!

Summer camp is a hook for pretty much everybody. It was for the guy who played him anyway—CAPTAIN Hook, that is. I’m talking about the one and only Dustin Hoffman, here. Sure enough a Hollywood star from back in the day, Dustin’s also a former summer Changing the look of cool and the requirements of what it takes to be a hero, Dustin Hoffman took the world by storm at just 23!camper just like all of you will be one day. Celebrated for his career in film since he was 23, let’s learn a bit about this character and his time at camp!

He spent some of his best summer days at the Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Camp, located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado—150 miles northwest of Denver. With the surrounding Rocky Mountain community of just 9000, Steamboat Springs boasts a natural beauty and charm. The hills of Strawberry Park offered Dustin 76 acres of rustic facilities and gorgeous campgrounds.

The gifted actor he was, you may expect me to say that he was passionate about acting since his days at camp, but the truth is that throughout his camp days, he aspired to be a classical piano player. He attended Los Angeles High School and took classes all the while only to continue his musical studies into college at Santa Monica.

But it was there that he happened to take an acting class. He took it looking for an easy A. Instead, he found a new career path. Dustin observed that, though he had developed his piano playing skills to a point of pride, he was not a gifted piano player. None of it came easy to him. He didn’t have an ear for music. Meanwhile, he had discovered a knack for acting.

When he informed his family of his new interest in an acting career, his Aunt Pearl noted, “You can’t be an actor. You are not good-looking enough.” But Dustin ended up changing all that. Crediting all his success to Mike Nichols, director of ‘The Graduate’, who took a chance casting Dustin before he was known for anything. Presenting a new kind of movie star brought Dustin immediate fame overnight.
Check out this fan favorite from 1991---a live action retelling of the classic Peter Pan tale.
From there he only went on to become a national treasure in the eyes of moviegoers across the country (as well as the world). He won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1980 for ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’, and then again in 1989 for his excellent portrayal in ‘Rain Man’. And he pulled off a magnificent villain in Steven Spielberg’s 1991 retelling of the classic Peter Pan in the box office hit, ‘Hook’!

A legend of the silver screen, Dustin’s life led him down a road of spiraling success once he discovered the right road. It may take some time before you find what’s right for you, but once you find it, there’s no stopping you! As always, thanks for reading!

- John

Greystone Girls!

Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

Of course we love singing our own praises here at Everything Summer Camp—and we sing those praises a lot! But we also like to share the spotlight with other organizations too whether they’re brand names whose fun products are available on our site or the fun factories themselves—summer camps. Today we’re shining our spotlight on Camp Greystone for girls.    The summer camp for your girl!

Sister camp to Falling Creek Camp, Camp Greystone is a Christian summer camp for girls, located on the shores of Lake Summit, among the mountains in Tuxedo, North Carolina. Encouraging young girls to discover an unvarnished version of their personality, Greystone girls get an excellent experience.

Founded in 1920, girls have been getting the most from Greystone for nearly a century! Where girls can be more themselves than they even realized was there!Here’s what an alum named Savannah had to say about her Greystone experience: “At home, I don’t know anyone my age who is completely confident in who they are. At camp, I haven’t met a single girl who WASN’T having a blast being herself!”

How does Camp Greystone work their summer magic? Simple! They provide their Rafting is lots of fun!campers with awesome, engaging, and utterly fun activities all throughout their summer sessions! Your daughter will enjoy all kinds of water activities in their spacious pool or out on the lake. Move to the land for fun sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, Flag Football, and lots more.

Embrace the challenges at summer camp!If you love adventure, they offer overnight camping trips, rafting, and a challenging ropes course. And you can flex your creative bone, learning cool trades like ceramics, painting, photography, and writing. Maybe you want to give entertaining a shot. Wow your camp friends with dance routines, musical abilities, juggling acts, and drama skills.

Greystone gives girls a clearer image of themselves—one that’s untouched by their established reputation of who they are from back home. Greystone delivers a transformative experience that takes a young child and sets them on a subtle road to maturity and self-actualization. An excellent all girls summer camp for your daughter to attend, check out Camp Greystone yourself and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

We want you to really REALLY relax today!

Hey, Hectic High Fliers!

Summer is a demanding season. There’s so much that we want to fit in that we run ourselves ragged in our attempt and may forget to actually enjoy any of it. After all, too much of a good thing quickly transforms into a bad thing. Take today for a great lesson in making yourself take a break—especially those of you who are always moving and always occupying your minds. Make sure you relax. That's what today's intended for.It’s Relaxation Day and, believe it or not, it can feel like hard work to actually allow yourself to relax—especially when we’re prone to constantly exercising our bodies and our brains. Often times, we choose to simply stay in the mode of motion as opposed to switching gears and giving ourselves a break.

Even when we consider ourselves to be relaxing, we’re usually still being active in some way or another (reading a book, watching TV, playing video games, talking on the phone, and surfing the Internet all demand a good amount of work from your brain, despite how relaxed your body may be through the duration of these activities. No matter how relaxing they may seem, they’re still ACTIVities nonetheless).

Of course, we give our bodies and minds a break every night when we go to bed, but we need that time for recuperating from the day—it’s a deeper kind of rest. Wakeful relaxation is important too. Allow your mind’s rampant activity to dissolve, focusing on just one thing. Creating visual art can be a means of therapeutic relaxation, but even this can become too active.

Take a break from life's complexity once in a while and enjoy life for its simplicity.Really try giving yourself a break today. Take a relaxing bath, sit in a comfy chair, or go lay in the grass and try not to let your mind wander too much. Just focus on enjoying the moment without any demands or problems to contemplate. It’s not always so easy, but it’s incredibly refreshing when you can make it happen. Go ahead—REALLY relax today and, as always, thanks for l                                                                                    reading!

- JohnHave a relaxing day, like a frog in a bog!

Get Back with these Products

Hey, Back-to-Schoolers!

We may be a summer camp shop, but you can always find the perfect Chalkboard Trunks are all the rage!school accessories on our site too. Made for the classroom, our new Chalkboard Footlocker Trunk is a literal chalkboard for fun doodles, writing messages, or creating a real work of art. An exciting change-up to our traditional camp trunks, Chalkboard Trunks make Take this classy pack back to school!a refreshing splash in the world of school.

Of course, we have a nice-sized selection of school backpacks and daypacks from trusted brand names like JanSport and Columbia. Joining their ranks recently is Under Armour with their comeback pack, the Storm Hustle II. Check it out right here!

We’ve also made some recent additions to our lovely Lockers 101 selection to make your school locker look fantastic! Check out the Style It! Stackable Lockers 101 are here for your school year!Locker Shelf as well as the Style It! Magnetic Storage Bin in the awesome White Scroll pattern. And don’t forget the Magnetic Three-Pocket Locker Organizer for convenience on your way to class. Check out the whole Lockers 101 selection right here.

Name Labels are a smart idea for school clothes. Labels are a surefire way to avoid any confusion in the locker room after phy ed. They’ll also be helpful come thLabel your school clothes---it's a good idea!e days of winter when kids bring their snow pants to school for changing into at recess. A classroom full of unlabeled snow pants are sure to cause a problem. Certainly label your boots and your shoes and any other of your school articles of clothing.
Columbia's Rain Jackets are comfy and affordable!
Lastly, we offer a great selection of Rain Gear for those drizzly—or pouring—mornings at the bus stop and wet recesses. Keep your kid prepared for wet weather with top quality rain gear from leading manufacturers like Columbia, Frogg Toggs, and Red Ledge. Stay dry at school with Columbia Jackets, currently on sale.

Be ready for this school year with great fun and functional gear, supplies, and accessories. And, as always, thanks for reading. Get back in style!

- John

We’ve got the Books!

Hey, Readers!

Did you know that reading is GREAT for your mind and body? The activity alone is an incomparable exercise for your brain—like pumping mental iron. It’s able to decrease stress levels by 68%. It can help establish a better sleeping pattern. And it can even help you relate better to others around you in you daily life. WOW! Thanks, Reading!
Get cozy with your favorite book on Book Lovers Day!
Celebrate all its great benefits today—it’s National Book Lovers Day. A day to make any avid reader excited, Book Lovers Day urges you to grab a good book and delve into it in your favorite chair or maybe a quiet spot outdoors.

Everything Summer Camp may be a one-stop shop for all your summer camp needs, but we also offer a wealth of fun toys, games, and—yes, books for good ol’ camping fun. Take a look at all the great titles we have available on our online store:

Choose Your Own Adventure
Everything about camp is an adventure. You can keep with the spirit in your reading material with Choose Your Own Adventure books. Entertaining younger generations since 1979, Choose Your OwnThere's nothing like choosing your own adventure!s are awesomely interactive and great fun at camp and beyond. These books do a great job encouraging independence for campers who struggle with leaving home.

Camp Confidential
Lose yourself in this engaging series during your summer and other camping trips. With Get the skivvy on Camp Lakeview or Walla Walla depending on which installment you pick up!great installments like ‘Natalie’s Secret’ and ‘Alex’s Challenge’, you’re sure to devour these stories of the lovable characters attending Camp Lakeview and, eventually, Camp Walla Walla. Page after page of plot twists, misadventures, and hilarious moments are sure to keep you engrossed!

Great TitlesA wealth of knowledge lies within the pages of this excellent guidebook.
This Department is jam-packed with great information about how best to send your kid off to camp. Expert advice from Doctors Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski lie within ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, offering invaluable guidance in all kinds of topics like packing efficiently, avoiding homesickness, and more. We also have fun storybooks to introduce the idea of camp to kids who are too young for it just yet but see it on the horizon. And other titles too.

So have fun perusing all the great books we have available and celebrate Book Lovers Day in summer style! As always, thanks for reading.

- John

This Giant Light of Mine…

Hey, Lighthouse Lovers!

Not only picturesque buildings, but symbols of hope, lighthouses are beautiful towers designed to emit light great distances with the purpose of helping pilots at sea navigate their ships through dangerous waters in the blanket of night. With radio, GPS, and other means of modern communication, lighthouses are now more-Beautiful giants create epic landscapes.or-less poetic relics of our technology preceding the digital age, but still they stand like gentle giants peering out to the distant horizon.

Today we celebrate Lighthouse Day. Trips to visit a local lighthouse are a popular family activity in the summertime—not to mention a great way to observe Lighthouse Day! I recall a handful of trips my family made to check out lighthouses in our surrounding area. It was an awesome experience each time.

To celebrate on the Blog today, let’s explore the past for a little history lesson on lighthouses. As is the case with many things, the history of the lighthouse goes back farther than you likely expect. The very first lighthouse was built around 280 B.C. in ancient Egypt. An enormous bonfire was lit each night at the very top of the tower which stood taller than 450 feet! The beacon was visible from over 30 miles away!

This Egyptian Lighthouse was so big that it was included as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was toppled by an earthquake in 1303 A.D.

Since ancient times, people have experimented with the materials to use in lighthouse construction. Early American lighthouses were short for towers and made out of wood or stone. The bulk of the towers built before 1800 have either fallen or caught fire. It was understood that lighthouses would have to be made sturdier and the 17th Century started building tall towers like they had in ancient times.

Gentle giants of the coast, they were made of brick and cut stone. It became customary for a lighthouse to include living quarters for the keeper of a lighthouse—after all, somebody had to be there day after day to light the lantern and perform all the general maintenance duties to keep the lighthouse in operation!
Eventually, lighthouse towers were constructed from iron and concrete and automated signals have done away with the need for a keeper or those quiet days they used to live along the shore.

Lots of lighthouses still remain in operation as the only tangible and reliable means of navigation—whereas radio or GPS signals can be lost—but a growing number of towers are being decommissioned and their lights are going out.

Lack of funds has led to lack of maintenance and lighthouse structures have been left to weather the elements without the help of human hands. Rough weather over time has already toppled abandoned lighthouses and these towers will continue to fall as time wears on their neglected foundations.

In short, lighthouses will certainly span your lifetime, but they won’t be around forever. Appreciate the opportunity to explore these interesting towers of our history and, as always, thanks for reading!
Beautiful beacons in the night.
- John

In Memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Hey, Summer Campers!

Summer camp has been around since 1861, so it goes without saying that there are a lot of former summer campers out there in the world today. Some have gone on to become famous celebrities. Former summer campers have populated the music business, professional sports leagues, television and movies, etc. Remembered forever in oPhilip Seymour Hoffman will truly be missed!ur hearts, today we’re talking about a movie star who the world lost earlier this year: Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Yes, in his younger days, Philip enjoyed summer stays among the 122 acres at Ontario County’s 4-H Camp Bristol Hills in New York. 4-H Camp Bristol Hills is a division of the Cornell Cooperative Extension on Ontario County. He went to camp alongside his younger siblings Gordy and Emily in the 80’s. And by 1987 he worked as a camp counselor.

Rather active as a kid, Philip had a great time playing sports at camp, especially his favorites, baseball and wrestling. When he went to see a stage production Arthur Miller’s play ‘All My Sons’, however, Philip realized his true passion was the theater. “I was changed—permanently changed—by that experience,” Philip later recounted. “It was like a miracle to me.”

He was chosen to attend the New York State Summer School of the Arts when he was 17 and it was there that he befriended people with whom he would later collaborate on important projects that shaped his acting career. One of his colleagues, a Bennet Miller, is quoted for noting, “We were attracted to the fact that he was genuinely serious about what he was doing. Even then, he was passionate.”

After receiving his drama degree from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 1989, Philip started appearing in supporting roles all throughout the following decade. He eventually made a reputation for himself as the actor who only did supporting roles—he’s in a lot of movies! But as he stepped into leading roles, he blew audiences away with his portray of author Truman Capote in the 2005 film, ‘Capote’ which landed him an Academy Award for Best Actor.

He only continued to impress audiences as he really grew into his career. Unfortunately, his career and life were cut short due to heart failure in February earlier this year. The world is sure to miss his charming presence on the big screen.

- John