Black Friday’s Back

Hey, Excited Shoppers!

Thanksgiving is only three days away which means that Black Friday is only three nights away! Have you already perused store ads and mapped out your route from store to store? Of course you’re all dying to embark on your carefully strategized night of shopping! We just hope that, amidst all the madness that’s sure to be Thanksgiving night (or Gray Thursday), you don’t forget about the great sales going on at online shops as well—namely Everything Summer Camp.
You don't have to head out on Black Friday in order to reap amazing deals
Our Black Friday Sales Week starts on Tuesday 11/25 and stretches all the way through Cyber Monday and goes to the end of the day on Tuesday 12/2, just to give you guys an extra day to shop. Well over 200 items will be marked down during this span. In fact, pretty much every item on our site is going to be on sale!

You can rest assured that every single one of our camp trunks will be on sale! We’re cutting $20 off the regular price and offering FREE SHIPPING for any one that you order. You’ll definitely want to peruse our Trunk Accessories as we have great deals for them as well. If duffel bags are more your speed, then you’ll want to check out the J World Piton Rolling Duffel. We’ve cut $20 off of this duffel’s regular price as well.

Other specifics on our site include the Everywhere Camp Chair for 35% Off and 20% Off the popular Deluxe Fan Light. With cold weather coming soon you’ll want to check out our selection of blankets. They’re all 20% Off. And be sure to browse our entire Funzone category too. Not only is this category full of stocking stuffers, it’s all 10%-20% Off!

Yes, our prices are dropping everywhere, but that’s not the only thing to our Black Friday Sales Week. We’re also offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99! And that’s still not where the savings end because the more you spend, the more you save. So, if you purchased over $100, you’ll receive a $10 Gift Certificate, shipped along with your order. If you purchased over $200, you’ll get a Gift Certificate for $20. $300 will get you $30, $400 will get you $40, and so on.

The Gift Certificates are good from December 3 through July 31 of 2015. You can come back for more Holiday Deals at Everything Summer Camp, or use the gift certificates to purchase your camp gear throughout the spring and summer. Enjoy the savings, Shoppers. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Happy Children’s Day!

Hey, Folks!

There are so many different kinds of people in this world to recognize and appreciate. Because there are so many people to recognize and honor, we have a lot of holidays and observances throughout the year; we wouldn’t want to leave anyone out now, would we? Back in May we had Mother’s Day. Then, in June, there’s Father’s Day. And now, finally, today we have Children’s Day!  Children's Day is meant to educate and inspireObservations of Children’s Day date back to before either Mother’s or Father’s Day existed. However, unlike Mother’s and Father’s Day, Universal Children’s Day isn’t so much a holiday as it is a day of global observance. This is a day to encourage children’s welfare and inform one another about the living conditions and rights of children across the world.

While this day is recognized in all parts of the world, lots and lots of nations celebrate it on different dates. The significance of November 20 is that it marks the anniversary of the ‘Declaration of the Rights of the Child’ as well as the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ two historic documents that affirmed specific rights of children and adults’ responsibilities toward them.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is one organization that really makThe Ronald McDonald House Charities has done amazing things for sick children the world a difference for kids around the world. For sick children who need treatment from a specific location, RMHC plays a vital role in helping these kids recover.

They may not be the ones administering the medicine, but they provide housing near a child undergoing treatment to help keep families together during hard times as well as offer financial help and guidance in finding basic medical and dental care in struggling communities. RMHC has nearly 300 local Chapters found in 62 countries!

Unfortunately, kids, you don’t get the day off of school for Children’s Day, but—HEY! Most of you should get a couple days off for Thanksgiving next week! Thanks for reading!

- John

Which famous model went to science camp?

Hey, Summer Campers!

If you’re like the rest of America, you probably love Cindy Crawford. Her beautiful face has been on countless magazine covers and she’s walked down so many runways that I’m sure she’s lost count by now! Cindy had done such wonders with her modeling career that by the time she was 29 years old, she was the highest paid model worldwide!

Born in Illinois, Cindy attended US Air Force Academy Science Camp in thWorld-famous actress Cindy Crawford went to camp when she was a kid.e summer season where she enjoyed camp programs and camp friends. A hard worker from an early age, at 16 years old, Cindy was keeping busy with her summer job, detasseling corn. Lucky for her, it was during her job that a newspaper photographer happened to notice her working away.

He snapped a picture of her that brought Cindy a world of positive feedback and gave her the encouragement she needed to pursue a modeling career. She entered the Elite Model Management’s Look of the Year contest one year later and won second place. After that, the Elite Model Management began to represent Cindy and the rest is history!

It’s funny because when Cindy first embarked upon her modeling career, magazines would eliminate the ‘Crawford mole’ which went on to become the model’s trademark trait. Despite early attempts to work around it, Cindy’s mole that rests just above her lip has become just as famous as she has herself!

Cindy has seen great success as her modeling career has turned her into a celebrity the world over! Cindy has taken acting roles on television as well as film and has been a spokesperson for companies like Pepsi. She also hosted MTV’s House of Style.

Now nearly 50 years old, Cindy has shaped her modeling career to fit what she wanted. What do you want?

Thanks for reading, campers!

- John

Oh, go take a hike!

Hey, Hikers!

It’s never too late in the year for a vigorous constitutional down a scenic, woodsy trail. In fact, a solid hike this time of year will typically feel even more invigorating than it does in warmer temperatures. Sure, you might need to bundle up a little bit, but this is actually great hiking weather! That’s why today is National Take a Hike Day. Strap on your trail shoes and breathe in the late-Autumn air!
Grab your backpack, walking stick, and trail shoes--it's Take a Hike Day
Hiking gets your blood pumping and makes you feel good. Why? Well, there’s more than just one reason because hiking benefits you in more than just one way. Unlike a lot of exercises that require expensive equipment or gym memberships, hiking is free and benefits your body as well as your mind!

Hiking—especially hiking uphill—is similarly efficient exercise for burning calories as jogging is and helps you lose weight. The pressure that hiking puts on your bones helps to strengthen your bone structure and helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis. It tones your muscles and does good things for your cardiovascular system too. Really, it just increases your overall fitness.

But hiking does more than just keep your body tuned up and feeling good. It’s also good for your mind. Incorporating a beautiful trail that twists and turns and leads to new landscapes is a nice little treat for your eyes and eases your head. Treadmills and exercise bikes don’t give you this aspect of exercise. Also, the air you breathe in is much crisper and brings a fresh oxygen supply to your brain, resulting in a happier you. There's a great supply of hiking essentials at Everything Summer Camp

Most people live within driving distance of cool trails that are just waiting to be discovered and explored by you. Prepare for your outings at Everything Summer Camp; we carry a slew of great hiking gear to help you get the most out of your hikes. From trail shoes to water bottles, backpacks, and Hydration packs, we’ve got everything you need.

Happy Take a Hike Day and thanks for reading.

- John

How KIND of you!

Hey, Kind Kids!

Today we revel in the good will of humanity as it is World Kindness Day. What better reason to celebrate something about ourselves than the boundless expansion of human compassion. Appreciated by everyone, kindness never grows weary, never dies out. It fights the good fight and always remains, standing victorious over the likes of carelessness and greed.Being kind is cool, not just for the person who's benefiting, but to you too!

It’s good to be kind. Kind acts spread kindness. But it doesn’t only benefit others. No, siree! Committing random acts of kindness is certainly advantageous to you as well. How can treating others nicely benefit me? you wonder. Well, simple—it makes you feel like a good person! After all, being mean STINKS! It’s no fun to be mean. Much better to see the good in yourself and everyone else whose lives you touch.

In order to help the kindness chain to spread beyond you, I compiled a list of ideas you can use to help make someone’s day by delivering a random act of kindness. If you can put one of these ideas to good use (or an act of kindness you thought of on your own), then you’ll have had a successful Kindness Day!Random acts of kindness are a great way to make somebody's day!

  • Rake your neighbor’s yard along with them. Your neighbor will really appreciate you cutting their work in half!
  • Pick up trash. Taking care of litter in your yard or around your neighborhood is a wonderful way to keep your area looking nice. Your neighbors will appreciate it as well.
  • Help out around the house. Making dinner or doing the dishes afterward is a great way to pitch in and keep your home a happy one.
  • Help keep your classroom clean at school. Your custodian will really appreciate that.
  • Bring your teacher a little token of appreciation. It doesn’t have to be an apple, but your teacher would probably love it if it was.

I hope you find these ideas helpful! And don’t forget, while it’s important to squeeze in some kindness today, especially, it’s important to keep kindness alive every day. Thanks for reading.

- John

Black Friday? Why wait?!

Hey, Shoppers!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means that Black Friday is nearby as well—just BEYOND that corner. I’m sure that by Thanksgiving, many of you have already prepared yourselves by perusing ads and mapping out the route you’ll take. And I’m sure that while all you prepped people are stuffing your faces with turkey and pie, you’ll hardly be able to stand the anticipation of embarking on your carefully strategized night of shopping. Do you have family coming for Thanksgiving?But for another portion of the population, Black Friday is more of a missed opportunity. Especially with opening hours of stores for Black Friday starting to creep into Thursday evening, some people have family visiting for their Thanksgiving celebration and don’t necessarily have time to go shopping.

For any of you who are unable to go out and find jaw-dropping deals, Everything Summer Camp has a nice, little treat for you! How can you reap the benefits of awesome sales on Black Friday while still not leaving your visiting relatives? Online shopping is a great alternative to heading out on this night. Lots of online stores still cut prices way down for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Grab the Happy Camper for $20 off its regular price.Announcing Everything Summer Camp’s Pre-Black Friday sale going on for our high-quality C&N Footlockers. Check out our slashed prices on our most popular camp trunk—the Happy Get yourself the UnderGrad camp trunk for $20 off its regular price!Camper as well as the UnderGrad Footlockers are on sale from now until next week Tuesday. Get a C&N camp trunk for $20 less than the regular price while this sale lasts.

As Black Friday continues to push store opening hours earlier and earlier, this shopping experience is butting into the evening of Thanksgiving Day, creating what some refer to as ‘Gray Thursday’. We thought, why not beat everybody to the punch and just start now?! Happy shopping and thanks for reading.

- John

How will you honor Veterans Day?

Hello, Readers.

Many of you probably already know, today is Veterans Day. What is it that we’re celebrating on Veterans Day? We show our appreciation for those who have served their country in the armed services. We call those people veterans. Everything Summer Camp extends immense gratitude to those who have fought for our freedom.Today we remember the awful attacks that we suffered 13 years ago

Veterans Day, while an important holiday to celebrate, can be a difficult day to approach. It depends on whether you know any veterans, whether they’re still alive or not, who they are to you if you do know any. Based on those factors (and some others yet), you can decide what the best way for you and your family is to honor veterans on this day.

I’ve put together some tips and ideas of ways that you can honor veterans you know (or even ones that you don’t know) in case you could use some help.

1.) Wearing a remembrance poppy or a yellow ribbon is a simple, great way to quietly show your support for veterans. Whether you wear your remembrance piece at schooMake a paper candle to get into the patriotic spirit!l, out around town, or at home, this is an excellent way to honor veterans.

2.) Arts and craftsGet crafty with your patriotism today and include the kids with American themed arts and crafts. are a great way to involve kids in activities for Veterans Day. A simple card that you and your kids constructed is more than enough to put a smile on a veteran’s face. If you’d like to try your hand at something a little more involved, you can find some good, patriotic ideas for crafts like a bald eagle wreath, or red, white, and blue paper candles.

3.) Get permission from your kid’s teacher at school to invite a veteran to be a guest speaker. This is easy if you know one, but, even if you don’t, you can find lots of veterans who work at VA facilities who would be glad to have the opportunity to talk to a classroom full of today’s youth.

4.) In general, be sure to honor veterans, not just today, but all throughout the year. You can thank them with a simple note, a tasty treat, or a warm hug.

Happy Veterans Day and thanks for reading.

- John

What do you know about Thanksgiving?

Hey, Thanksgiving Fans!

We do a lot to celebrate this harvest holiday: from parades to parties, football games and feasts…. A holiday with so many traditions must have a lot of history to it as well! That’s why I put together a little Thanksgiving quiz to see how much you know about this day and the traditions we have to celebrate it. Here are a few bonus nuggets of information about our Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

Turkey is a really important part of the Thanksgiving holidayMost of you already know that the Thanksgiving holiday celebrates the feast the Pilgrims enjoyed back in 1621 after they reaped the harvest that the Wampanoag Natives taught them to sow. However, few people know that it wasn’t originally called Thanksgiving.

In fact, to begin with, it wasn’t really called anything. Before that term referred to this one holiday that we all know and love, it was used to refer to multiple days throughout the year in which celebrations of thanks were held for successful crops, much-needed rainfall, the end of a harsh winter—anything, really.The bald eagle, while majestic and powerful, are kind of jerks. Ben Franklin thought our nation's bird should be the turkey!

Another point of interest is our bird of choice for our Thanksgiving feasts. Did you know that the Turkey was actually proposed by Mr. Benjamin Franklin to be our nation’s official bird. He was torn up about it when the Bald Eagle was declared the winner. He wrote to his daughter about the eagle’s “bad moral character” and probably would have preferred that the nation dined on Bald Eagle for this occasion.

Peacocks--err *ahem* turkeys are called turkeys because of Christopher ColumbusLastly, did you know that the word ‘turkey’ actually comes from the Indian word for peacock—‘tuka’. Just as the confused Christopher Columbus dubbed the Natives of America ‘Indians’ (because he thought he was in India), he referred to a turkey as a ‘tuka’. The name kind of stuck and then evolved into ‘turkey’.

Well, Blog Readers, hopefully you learned a thing or two or three from today’s Blog post and maybe even adopted Ben Franklin’s deep respect for the turkey. In any case, thanks for reading and don’t forget to take the Thanksgiving Facts Quiz!
- John

Where did Agent Paul attend summer camp?

Hey, Campers!

Did you know that, just like all of you crazy camp kids, a whole bunch of famous big-names (actors and actresses, musical artists, professional athletes) enjoyed the absolute FUN of summer camp when they were your age? Famous actor, Paul Adelstein—best known for his role as Agent Paul Kellerman in the television series “Prison Break”—attended summer camp as well.Paul Adelstein, big-time actor and former summer camper.

He went to North Star Camp in Hayward where he didn’t just have a blast for a summer or two—he learned about life and what it is to live in the real world. North Star Camp sees summer camp as a preparatory opportunity to give kids a light education on life.

Paul was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was born to a Reform Jewish family and lived a fairly normal family life. He went to a progressive high school, Francis W. Parker School. And after that, he attended Bowdoin College where he graduated with a degree in English.

He first started his acting career working in the theatre with a company called New Crime Productions (a company which was founded by John Cusack, actually). Paul later came to work with the infamous Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago.

He made his way onto the big screen for the first time when he was 21 in the film, “The Grifters” and went on to play supporting roles in films like “Bedazzled,” “Memoirs of a Geisha,” and “Be Cool.” Paul made it even bigger in the world of television. There he appeared in shows like “ER,” “Without a Trace,” and “Scrubs.”

His real claim to fame was yet to come, however, as the role he is best known for became Agent Paul Kellerman from the TV series, “Prison Break” in 2005. He’s also known for his role in “Private Practice” as Cooper Freedman, pediatrician.

As always, thanks for reading, Campers!

- John


Doggy Adoption

Hello again, Canine Lovers!

There’s a dog out there for everybody. We all love them and they certainly love us! We all know that dogs are extremely fascinating creatures. When we look into their eyes, we so often see a piece of ourselves. That’s probably why we have a month dedicated to the adoption of dogs in shelters.Who doesn't love dogs. They're man's best friend after all!The beginning of November marks the end of National Adopt of Dog Month (a.k.a.—October). As I mentioned at the beginning of October, everyone here at Everything Summer Camp is a big fan of our canine companions who are already in our homes. And because we love our furry friends so much, we wanted to do something as a company to help spread awareness that October is Adopt a Dog Month.

I blogged about it, but—unfortunately—there aren’t a whole lot of people following a summer camp Blog site this time of year. We also made our ‘live love adopt’ T-shirt to sell and donate those proceeds to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), a non-profit organization which is dedicated to preventing cruelty toward animals.
Help us to spread the word with these cool T-shirts in support of doggie adoption
We did not sell a crazy number of T-shirts. No, we sold six. And, while it may not be a lot, every little bit helps, so Everything Summer Camp wrote a check out to the ASPCA for $52.50 and got it in the mail this morning.  Since we didn’t sell nearly as many as we would have liked, we also donated 100 dog I.D. tags to a local dog shelter.

But just because October has ended and it’s no longer National Adopt a Dog Month, doesn’t mean that it’s too late for you to make some lucky dog’s dream come true by giving it the home it needs or by helping to create awareness. As always, thanks for reading.

- John