Bundle up in THIS bag!

Hey, Camp Fans!

Everything Summer Camp likes to get prepped for the upcoming camp season by picking up a whole horde of new products that are sure to be fun and/or extremely practical to have at summer camp. This month alone I’ve already posted about our new Duffels and Backpacks from High Sierra, our new Laundry Hampers, and our new Summer Camp Greeting Cards Pack, and our nine new pairs of Smartwool socks.
Stay warm in this bundling bag!
Now I know that sounds like a lot—but strap in!—‘cause we’re not stopping there! Let me tell you all about the awesome, new sleeping bag that we now offer from Suisse Sport: the McKinley Mummy Style Bag. Suisse Sport went and seemingly outdid themselves with this affordable camp sleeping bag.

Made to keep a camper cozy throughout a cold night under the stars, the McKinely is prepared to protect you from the elements and low temperatures in the wilderness. This bag is equipped to keep you cozy in temperatures that are as low as 5° to 0°. No joke! It shields you with three pounds of a Micro Tekk Z1 performance insulation as well as its double layer offset quilt and contoured hood.

As comfortable and warm as the Suisse Sport’s McKinley Bag is on the inside, the outside is tough as dirt with a diamond rip stop outer. It’s also armed with a full chest baffle and a draft tube which both do a really good job of eliminating drafts. And its side gussets add draping and provide you with further comfort. You’re sure to feel snug as a bug inside this bag!

McKinley Sleeping Bag stores and transports easily in its two-piece compression sack. Stay warm on cold nights this summer. These bags are machine washable. Check out this great bag for yourself and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Splash it up this summer with Speedo!

Hey, Swimmers!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re getting ourselves all prepared for the upcoming summer camp season—which means (among many other things) that we’re bringing in great, new products for our customers like you to check out! We’ve recently started offering over a dozen new products from Speedo! You can find great swimwear products on our main site like Keyhole Swimsuits, E-Board Swim Trunks, Rashguards, and more!
speedo split
Check out the Spectrum Split Keyhole Swimsuit. Designed to be five to ten times more   durable than ordinary spandex, it’s made of 80% nylon and 20% Xtra Life LYCRA fiber. The style in the back of the suit helps to keep the strap in place and the material is resistant to sagging, bagging, and riding up on you. With a pattern that plays with color and geometry, this swimsuit is a great pick for summer camp.
Check out great swim trunks from Speedo.
We also recently added the Boys Horizontal Splice E-Board Shorts. These swim trunks comfortable AND protective, made with soft, microfiber fabric that offers UV Block-the-Burn technology to guard your sensitive skin from the merciless summer sun! Also equipped with a mesh liner and improved fit for maximum comfort and resilience to over-stretching, the Horizontal Splice E-Board is a smart choice.

You can find great speedo rashguardUnisex Rashguards from Speedo too. Available in short AND long sleeves, they both offer great protection boasting Speedo’s Block the Burn technology with a UPF 50+ protection. Made of 86% nylon and 14% spandex, these Rashguards are a great means of saving yourself from rashes and sunburn when you’re getting active in the water.

These products are excellent and there’s plenty more where THAT came from! Check out all our Speedo products so you can have your fun in the water this summer and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Get these SMART socks!

Hey there, Camp Fans!

In preparation for the upcoming summer camp season, Everything Summer Camp is bringing in new products in abundance. In the month of March I’ve posted about our new Duffels and Backpacks from High Sierra, our new Laundry Hampers, and our new Summer Camp Greeting Cards Pack. Now let me tell you about all the new socks we’re offering from Smartwool.A classy looking sock from Smartwool

We like Smartwool socks so much that we’ve brought on nine different kinds. We now have socks for Women and Kids as well as socks that are meant for the varied adventures that you’re sure to have throughout your stay away at summer camp. Smartwool makes their socks of Merino Wool (the preferred sheep’s wool to use) because their socks are the best.

First of all, we have Kids socks—five of them to be specific. Everything Summer Camp is proud to offer such excellent examples of Smartwool’s socks. We’ve got a couple performance socks, a couple that focus on comfort with a full-length cushion, one made for extreme durability with the rugged lifestyle of children in mind, and, lastly for the Kids Socks, one that’s all about keep you warm.

Check out this patterned beauty from Smartwool.As for our Womens Smartwool Socks, you can find three superb options. Each of these pairs of socks sports a fancy or subtle, feminine pattern and boast an unprecedented durability with a technology developed by Smartwool called Reliawool™.

Lastly, we have the sporty Smartwool sock—the Outdoor Light Crew. It’s meant for periods of intense activity as it bears an Elite Fit System so it stays put on your foot. Also featuring Reliawool™, get out there in a pair of Outdoor Light Crews and make the best of summer!

Enjoy browsing this great assortment of Smartwool Socks and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Where did B.J. Novak go to camp?

Hey, Summer Campers!

I bet you can’t wait to have the blast that your summer camp experience is sure to be! You know who else had a blast at summer camp, well-known comedian, Benjamin Joseph Manaly Novak. What’s that? You never hear of him? Maybe you know him better simply as B.J. Novak. Ryan Howard, himself went to camp.

B.J., as you may already know, was one of the esteemed writers as well as an executive producer AND played the role of Ryan Howard (initially ‘The Temp.’ or ‘Fire Guy’) on the very successful TV show, The Office, which ran from 2005 to 2013. But that’s not all he’s known for: he’s an engaging stand-up comedian, screenwriter, author, director, and….oh, yeah—a former summer camper.

When he was closer to your age, B.J. spent a summer at Camp Ramah, a network of Jewish summer camps. Camp Ramah has locations all over the map, but, a Massachusite himself, Mr. Novak enjoyed his summer camp stay attending the Palmer, Massachusetts location of this co-ed Jewish camp.

Novak had a pretty average upbringing. He attended Newton South High School (along with his future costar of The Office, John Krasinski, oddly enough) and then went on to Harvard University! After graduating from Harvard in 2001, B.J. moved to L.A. and started doing stand-up in clubs.

It was here that Greg Daniels (the guy who instigated the American adaptation of the original British version of ‘The Office’) spotted Mr. Novak. Greg knew immediately after B.J.’s opening joke that he wanted to get B.J. involved in something. Soon after, B.J. became the very first cast member of the American version of ‘The Office’.

B.J. has trouble accepting his own success from time to time. “Sometimes,” he says, “When this feels too good to be true, I think that if this were all a dream, that would be what should have tipped me off. I’d wake up saying, ‘I was in this incredible TV show and it was a big hit and the star was John Krasinski from high school. Isn’t that weird?’”

Summer camp got B.J. going on the right path. What kind of path will camp put ahead of you? As always, thanks for reading!

- John

The UNluck of the Irish?

Hey, all you Lucky Folks out there!

Everybody knows that you don’t HAVE TO be Irish in order to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. Whether people are Irish or not, they still dress up in green, throw parades, and eatNo matter what the phrase means, Happy St. Patrick's Day! corned beef and cabbage all around the world! After all, who doesn’t want to have the luck of the Irish?


Now that I think of it, where does the phrase ‘Luck of the Irish’ even come from? Everybody seems to think that this phrase refers to the wealth of good luck that’s forever blessed the rolling, green fields of Ireland. But when you stop and think about it, there’s nothing lucky about the Irish!

Who CARES what the phrase really means?! Happy St. Pat's Day!Their abundant rainfall and overcast skies, not to mention the endless turmoil  that their rainy country has seen for centuries, adds up to make for a decidedly UNlucky bunch of people. Could it be an ironic phrase (as it remains nonspecific as to what KIND of luck we’re talking about here)? Well, yes. But that isn’t the whole story.

The phrase didn’t actually originate in Ireland; it started over here in the United States during the Gold Rush of the 1800’s. As Irish folk were making their way over to America, they hopped on board the gold mining frenzy. Semi-successful at it, the phrase ‘Luck of the Irish’ was born.

Rather than any words of encouragement, however, this phrase was coined as a means of poking fun at the Irish. What was meant by it was that the Irish weren’t bright enAnd the Luck of the Irish to you as well.ough to strategically find gold—it had to be chocked up to luck. This is likely where the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow comes from as well.

In any case, whether the Irish are lucky or not, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today with some green articles of clothing and some corned beef and cabbage for dinner. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

These puns are punny…

Hey, Snail Mailers!

It may no longer be the most popular form of long-distance communication, but the postal service used to be the ONLY form of long-distance communication available. And for children attending summer camp, this is still the case. Besides—everybody loves to get real, tangible mail. Campers typically go crazy when they get a letter from back home.
Summer Camp Greeting Cards from ESC.At Everything Summer Camp, we understand the importance of communication with your children during their time away at camp. And since most camps limit their campers’ contact with the outside world solely to letters in the mail, we thought we’d offer the Summer Camp Greeting Card Pack.

We carry other mailable and mail-related products as well, but NEW on our main site, these Summer Camp Greeting Cards are a great way to let your campers know that you’ve been thinking about them during their time away. Write a little message to go along with the funny, printed message on the card’s front. You can get great advice on writing letters to your kid at camp on this Blog post from the past, written by summer camp expert, Dr. Chris Thurber.

A punny phrase like ‘There’s nothing S’MORE fun than camp’ is sure to put a smile on your camper’s face. The pack has other good ones too, like the words ‘Just wanted to shoot you a note’ underlined by an arrow that’s buried in an archery target. Then there’s the one that says, ‘it’s been a while since we’ve spoke’ underneath a bicycle. And, of course, the phrase ‘are you hooked on camp?’ hanging on a fishing line.

The Greeting Card Pack contains seven of these paper gems along with envelopes to fit each one of them. They measure 5.5” x 7.5”. Enjoy these cute cards with your kids and get your Summer Camp Greeting Card Pack today. As always, thanks for reading.

- John


Hey, Popcorn Lovers!

If you’re like everyone else on the planet, then you’re probably a pretty big fan of popcorn. If that’s right, then today is directly up your alley! It’s National Popcorn Lover’s Day! Not to be confused with National Popcorn Day Who doesn't love a big bowl of popcorn?(which was also celebrated on our Blog), Popcorn Lover’s Day arrives every year on the second Thursday in March.

It comes as no surprise that we have, not just one, but two days throughout the year that celebrate this intriguing food AND the people who love to eat it. What’s not to love, anyway? Popcorn is one of those extremely versatile snack foods; it can take on a lot of different faces.

Traditionally (in the U.S. anyway), popcorn is topped with salt and butter, though some folks prefer their popcorn be cheeesy.  But even so, while the salty take on popcorn is definitely the more popular route, popcorn also likes to show off its sweet side. Dressing this treat up in caramel is genius to any sweet tooth. And who doesn’t love kettle corn?

But that’s only scraping the tip of the popcorn flavor iceberg. Let’s dig deeper—shall we?—to discover what experimental flavors are out there! Reminiscent of ‘Harry Potter Jelly Bellies’, popcorn can take on some pretty bizarre flavors. How bold are you when it comes to popcorn? Would you try Eggnog Flavored Popcorn? What about Hot Sauce and Pickle Juice? Which, by the way, looks like this: Who doesn't love a big bowl full of hot sauce and pickle juice popcorn?The weird list doesn’t end there, though. Ever hear of Dill Pickle and Ice Cream? This combo is a favorite among pregnant women. You could also try Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese. There’s Curry Coconut and Cashews. And Loaded Baked Potato—a combination of butter, sour cream, cheese, and bacon.

They may be weird, but weird ice cream flavors aren’t made just for the sake of being weird. They’re actually carefully concocted flavors meant to be enjoyed. I, myself, have never tried any strange popcorn flavors, so I can’t say if any of them are any good.

But, I can’t say any of them are bad either. But even if I could, there’s only one way for you to find out if YOU like it! Enjoy National Popcorn Lover’s Day and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Johnny ‘Appleseed’ Chapman

Hey, Camp Fans!
The great frontiersman himself, Johnny Appleseed was certainly a real person!
Do you like apples? Well, believe it or not, you may have never tasted one if it wasn’t for a man named John Chapman. What’s that? You’ve never HEARD of John Chapman? Well, I find that rather hard to believe, but…Oh! Wait! You probably know him better as Johnny Appleseed—the seed planting pioneer who traveled the western frontier around the turn of the 18th Century.

‘The West’ in the late 1700s was completely uncharted territory. And the known ‘frontier’ consisted of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and other surrounding areas. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, when Johnny first journeyed out, he brought the gift of apples to the frontier. Living a nomadic lifestyle, he would stay in people’s cabins from one night to the next as he was a very friendly and extremely charismatic guy.
Can you imagine never having eaten an apple?Though a lot can be said about the legend of Johnny Appleseed, separating the truth from the myths that enshroud him is a rather difficult task. Extremely famous in his own time, John Chapman received the nickname Johnny Appleseed while alive and young.

It wasn’t hard for such a popular guy to accrue a mythical identity. Legends about the man grew quickly.

It can’t be said for sure that he wore a tin pot for a hat or a burlap coffee sack for a shirt; but we do know that the common notion of Mr. Appleseed planting seeds at random wherever his journeys took him is false. In fact, Johnny had his own system down to a science:

He did not plant orchards, instead he thought of them as nurseries. Indeed, they were: he built fences around the trees he planted to provide them with protection from livestock. He built these ‘nurseries’ and left them in the hands of neighbors who recruited as reliable caretakers. Johnny would then return every other year or so to lend his own personal care to the nursery.

Thanks to his hard work and passion for his occupation, John Chapman brought the gift of apple trees to North America in such great abundance that people confuse it for an American fruit. Thank you, Johnny. Happy Johnny Appleseed Day and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Thank you, Johnny Appleseed!

I’m SI-i-INGin’ in the rain!

Hey, Camp Fans!

You know, it’s pretty hard to argue, we offer some really great, fun, high-quality products here at Everything Summer Camp. And, while we’d love to, we can’t take all the credit. A lot of it, in fact, rightly goes to the businesses with whom we’ve formed a relationship and whose products we’re offering.the brand is so much more than just a fun name.Due credit goes out to frogg toggs today from Everything Summer Camp. Our hat’s off to this company’s amazingly lightweight, wind and water proof, incredibly breathable, and completely affordable rainsuit design for production-leading Rainwear.

The folks at frogg toggs are all located in Alabama—wetter than Louisiana, wetter than Florida, THE WETTEST STATE in the country—so it’s truly no wonder that this state birthed the leading brand in rainwear and other raingear. These people certainly know what it takes to stay dry in a wet world; they’ve been making rain suits since 1996.   A great summer camp rain suit to stay dry during summer storms

After nearly 20 years of business, they now offer an excellent product line consisting of assorted jacket-styles like vests and ponchos, waterproof pants, suits, footwear, fun accessories like hats and umbrellas, and more. The ticket to their success and leadership in the raingear industry: they listen to their customers.

Based completely on the promise of customer satisfaction, the people at frogg toggs are committed to ensuring that their new products will unquestionably result in demonstrating the quality of frogg toggs rainwear to their happy, dry customers.

frogg toggs target customers range from outdoor sporting event participants to simply outdoor activities in general, like picnicking or camping. For just that reason, the frogg toggs Youth Polly Wogg Rain Suit and the Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit from frogg toggs make for great products here at Everything Summer Camp.

The pleasure is all ours, working with this chief of the raingear industry. As always, thanks for reading.

- John

Get a hamper for YOUR summer camper

Hey, Camp Preppers

As you’re running down your child’s packing list, you could very well come across ‘laundry bag’ as a necessary item. Not that all camps require their campers to bring their own laundry bags, but some do—and, whether the camp requires it or not, it’s always a handy item that will help ensure that your kid brings all their camp clothes back home after camp is over.A lone laundry bag, perhaps a thing of the past?

Of course, you can find a bunch of cool laundry bags at Everything Summer Camp; we carry a variety of fabrics, styles, and brand names. Laundry bags, however, are not your only choice here. The alternative: Laundry Hampers. Check out these cool, nPut your dirty clothes iin this!ew hampers, now available at Everything Summer Camp!

We now offer the Triple Compartment Hamper as well as the Pop-up Mesh Hamper.

The Triple Compartment Hamper has three separate sections so you can keep your colors separate from your whites. This Hamper travels easily and has carrying handles to make for convenient laundry trips. Made with quality construction and a built-in Flexi Frame, this Triple Compartment Hamper is durable and ready for the summer camp lifestyle.
Bags? We don't need no stinkin' bags!
You could get that hamper or you could go a simpler route with the awesome Pop-up Mesh Hamper for your dirty camp clothes. It’s made of sturdy construction with a flexible frame and holds a full load of laundry. Lightweight and collapsible, the Pop-up Mesh Hamper makes for easy transportation.

Hampers are undoubtedly superior to laundry bags since they stand up and stay open. You can practice your aim and shoot baskets like LeBron James with these hampers. You can’t do that with laundry bags, making our Triple Compartment Hamper and Pop-up Mesh Hamper excellent alternatives. Get a hamper to put your clothes in; we highly recommend it!

Enjoy your camp prepping and, as always, thanks for reading.

- John